Mining OHS Management System Audit

Auditing mining companies OHS Management systems

Mining OHS Management System Audit

Sometimes mining companies develop and use their own mining OHS management system and audit tool, whilst others use ASNZS 4801. No matter what system is used, they all require compliance audits to be conducted on them at specific intervals.

Safety Resources Australia has Lead Auditors that can conduct these audits.  At the conclusion of the audit we prepare an audit report. It will detail the audit score and also any areas of non-compliance.

Qualified Lead Auditor

Qualified Lead Auditors need to conduct OHS management system audits.  Furthermore, they need to have mining process experience. As a result, they will understand the mining practices and their OHS controls. If they lack any of this, the audit results will be invalid.

Our Lead Auditors have worked on and audited different mine sites using a range of mining practices and OHS controls. Therefore, they are qualified and well versed in mining practices to ensure the validity of the audit results.

Audit Tool

When a mining company’s OHS management system differs from AS/NZS 4801 then a different audit tool is required. If one was developed at the same time as the management system, then that tool can be used.

Where there is no audit tool, we can develop one. After its development, we will use it to conduct the OHS management system audit.

Audit location

Our auditors need to look at both the OHS system documents and the workplace. If the relevant procedures and records are “corporate office” based then that is where that section of the audit will occur.

All other audit activities will occur at the workplace. In addition, for a complete audit, sometimes we need to review both day and night shift operations.

Audit timing

For audit efficiency, we need ready access to documents, personnel and the workplace. Whilst our auditors are flexible with timings, any access delays will extend the time that the audit takes to complete.

Furthermore, it is better that the workforce is not pre-warned of the audit. This helps us to see actual practices, rather than audit adjusted ones. Some companies even engage us to conduct unannounced audits as this maximises us seeing actual work practices. 

In conclusion, we all need to work together to ensure we see the right documents, people and work practices to achieve the best audit results.

ontact us

Having read the above, we are confident that you would agree that our Lead Auditors are qualified and most noteworthy experienced in mining practices. As a result of this, we would like to become your OHS management system auditors.

Furthermore, we will always conduct accurate audits and prepare fair reports of the findings. We can be flexible with audit timing and even include day and night time work activities.

So please contact us today and arrange a time for us to meet and discuss your Mining OHS Management System Audit needs. Following that meeting we will prepare our audit proposal for your review and approval.

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