Mining Risk Assessments

Assessing OHS risk for a task, process or project

Mining Risk Assessments

We use mining risk assessments to determine the level of risk that a task, process or project has. Safety Resources Australia has skilled facilitators that will conduct your risk assessments in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. This new Australian Standard supersedes the old AS/NZS 4360:2004.

Furthermore, our facilitators understand both surface and underground mining methods and machinery as well as mineral processing plants.  Therefore, they only need a brief overview of the task, process or project prior to facilitating the risk assessment.

Independent Risk Assessments

Safety Resources Australia has no affiliation with any mining company or equipment supplier.  As such, we only conduct independent risk assessments.

Many mining companies have used our independence to review proposed equipment purchases or process upgrades. As a result, they get an unbiased risk assessment that documents all the risk issues. This is important as it assists them with their decision to purchase or proceed with the project or any additional risk controls that may be required.


Site Risk Register

A site risk register is an important part of any OHS management system. Regular reviews are required to ensure that it remains up to date.

Our consultants can assist with the development and the on-going updating of your site risk register. Furthermore, we can produce “Bow Tie” diagrams of high risk activities. From these we can work with your team to develop risk reduction action plans and even assist with the tasks required for the risk reductions.

In conclusion, let us manage your site risk register and work with your site team to bring down your overall site risk profile.

Risk assessment location

Where is the best location for the risk assessment? The answer is; where the best source of information is.  As such, if we need to view the task or process on site, then the best location is on site. Otherwise, we can perform it at the designer’s or supplier’s office if they have all the necessary information.

Alternatively, if the supplier has a demonstration area at their facilities then this can be the best location. This is because team members can see the equipment in operation and gain a better understanding of any issues.

Our facilitators can conduct the risk assessment at any location that suits the client.

Risk assessment team members

Who should be on the risk assessment team? The answer is, all those that can provide valuable input into the risk assessment. Additionally, most OHS legislation requires Health and Safety Representatives to also be involved.

So for tasks or existing process assessments, the best team members are those that frequently perform it and their supervisors.

Whereas, for new or proposed change to a process or new equipment then those who will use and maintain it, their supervisors, members of the design team and the Project Manager. Furthermore, the design team members need to be from each engineering discipline and have all design information readily available.

However, if you are still not sure who should be involved then contact us. We can discuss the scope of the risk assessment and recommend team members.

Contact us

From reading the above, hopefully you will have noted that we are skilled independent risk assessment facilitators. We can undertake simple task to complex project risk assessments in any location.

Hence, if you need a Mining Risk Assessment, please contact us. We can discuss the scope and determine the best location for it to occur. Furthermore, we can provide guidance on team members.

Once we have all the required information, we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

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