Mining Shutdown OHS Support

Supporting your shutdown to achieve good OHS perfomance

Mining Shutdown OHS Support

Mining shutdowns introduce a whole new range of OHS hazards. Poor hazard controls can result in unacceptable OHS performance.

To prevent poor outcomes, Safety Resources Australia can provide a range of OHS shutdown support services to your organisation. These include:-

  • Pre-shutdown hazard identification and controls;
  • JSA or other similar document preparation; 
  • Lift plan development – working with crane providers;
  • Equipment or process isolation plans;
  • Shutdown induction development and delivery – on and off site;
  • Safety Advisor support during the shutdown both day and night shift;
  • Incident investigations;
  • Post shutdown OHS review;
  • Any other OHS related shutdown tasks.


Experienced OHS Support Consultants

Using experienced shutdown support consultants is essential for good OHS performance.  All of our OHS shutdown consultants are experienced both in the mining industry and for shutdown activities.

Furthermore, they have the correct personal attitude to talk to and work with crews on solutions to any identified OHS issue.  So they will not simply say to a person, that is unsafe and fix it.  Rather they will work with them to resolve an issue in order to make it safe.

Wide Range of OHS Support Activities

Safety Resources Australia consultants can provide a wide range of shutdown support activities. We can work with your shutdown planning team before the shutdown facilitating risk assessments or preparing isolation plans etc.

During the shutdown we can provide Safety Advisor support, JSA preparation assistance and review and if required incident investigation. We can provide this both day and night shift.

Post the shutdown, we can be involved in shutdown OHS reviews and determination of future improvements. Let us help you improve your shutdown OHS performance.

Not sure what OHS support you need

If you are not sure what OHS support you need then let us work together and determine what is required.

By doing so, we can determine the best consultants to undertake the required work tasks.  Furthermore, we can work out timetabling and work rosters so as to provide the complete OHS support that you require.

Shutdown OHS support costs

Due to the broad range of shutdown OHS support tasks that we can perform, we are not able to provide fixed pricing. Additionally, factors such as location, duration and working shift also affect our charge out rates.

However, we can meet, determine an agreed scope of works and then provide a cost proposal for your review. 

Contact us

Safety Resources Australia has the Mining Shutdown OHS Support resources that you require.  Why not contact us now in order to discuss your needs.

Remember, we are here to help you achieve your shutdown with good OHS performance outcomes.

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