OHS Consultancy 4 Mining

Providing OHS consultancy 4 mining companies as required

OHS Consultancy 4 Mining

Safety Resources Australia offers OHS consultancy 4 mining companies in Australia and overseas. Maybe, you have an employee going on leave or you just need some extra help.  Whatever your need we can assist with qualified consultants with mining experience.

Additionally, we can provide OHS consultancy in areas such as:

  • New site or corporate OSH Standards development and implementation;
  • Equipment, work area or project risk assessments;
  • HAZOP studies of a particular items of equipment or mining process;
  • Confined Space assessments and controls;
  • Major incident investigation using ICAM or other high end investigation processes;
  • Shutdown (Outage) support from high risk work task risk assessments or general Safety Adviser support;
  • Mining feasibility studies support;
  • OSH related documents;
  • Any other types of general OSH support.


Here to help not hinder

We always strives to help not hinder our clients.  Therefore, we will work with your systems and with your team, rather than telling you to do it our way.

Furthermore, our consultants have a wealth of experience, having worked for many different clients and industries.  Hence, where appropriate we can suggest alternative solutions to a range of issues. This will most probably lead to improvements in your processes or OHS performance.

Not sure what OSH consultancy help you require?

Not sure what OSH consultancy help you require? No problems, we can assist you.  First of all we can discuss your thoughts and together we will determine a scope of work.

As a result of the discussions, we will determine what consultancy resources best suit your needs. Furthermore, we can work out a timeline for it to occur.

Finally, we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval. 

Your site or our office

For the agreed work tasks, our consultants can work either at your site or our office.  Alternatively, we can do a combination of both.

We are able to work at your site fulltime.  Alternatively, we can come to your site when required, collect the required information and then complete the work tasks at our office.

Therefore, let’s talk about what will be the best working arrangements for all concerned.

What are the costs?

Factors such as work location, duration of the work and the required skill level all impact on the consultancy cost for a job. It is very important not to compromise the quality of the work for a lower cost, less skilled consultant.

As a result of the above, the best way to determine the cost is to first meet and discuss your OHS consultancy needs. Jointly we can arrive at an agreed scope of work and the level of skill required to complete it. In addition, we can also agree on the location of the work and its estimated duration.

Following the above, we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval. Once approved, we can commence working on the agree tasks.

Contact us

Safety Resources Australia is here to help you with your OHS Consultancy 4 Mining needs. The best way we can do that is for you to contact us and arrange a time to meet and discuss your consultancy requirements.

Jointly we can develop a scope of work and determine where the work will occur, how long it will take and what consultancy skills are required. Following that we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval. Please contact us today.

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