OHS Documents 4 Mining

Helping mining companies with their OHS documents

OHS Documents 4 Mining

Correct and easy to read OHS documents 4 mining companies are essential for effective site safety. The type of required documents vary but can include:-

  • Site or project OHS (Safety) Management Plans;
  • OHS related sections of mining pre-feasibility studies;
  • Traffic Management Plans;
  • Site Risk Register;
  • Legal Obligations Register;
  • Classified Plant Management System;
  • Hazardous Substance Management System, including Dangerous Goods storage assessment and control;
  • Emergency Response Plans including team member action plans for a range of incident scenarios;
  • Hazardous Zones classification within the workplace;
  • Critical risk OHS Standards – Corporate or site based;
  • Safe Work Procedures (SWP) or Safe Work Instruction (SWI) for operation and maintenance activities;
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and matrix for overall company and/or departments;
  • Training packages including PowerPoint presentations and supporting training material;
  • Site Induction training package and delivery;
  • and more…

Safety Resources Australia can prepare any of the above OHS or WHS documents for your mining company.

Mining Company Size

Your OHS documents are a very important element of your OHS management system. Therefore, the size of your mining company does not change our goal to assist you in their preparation. Our consultants have worked for all size mining companies throughout Australia as well as some overseas locations.

For example, you may be a small start-up mining company that needs some assistance with initial documents. Alternatively, you may be a larger mining company that has a range of existing Safe Work Procedures that need review and update. We can help with any of these needs.


Your Site or Our Office

No matter the type of OHS documents that needs to be prepared; our consultants can assist with them at your site or in our office.  Alternatively, we can do both. For example, we can firstly come to your site and gather all required information and photographs. Following that, we would return to our office and complete the documents.

Working on-site gives flexibility and interaction that is important for some types of documents. However, working out of our office can save you mine stite accommodation costs.  Therefore, let’s talk and work out the best working scenario.

Document Templates

If you already have established document templates etc., that is great. We will use them whilst preparing your OHS documents.

Alternatively, if you are at start-up or you want some suggestions on document template designs then we can assist. As a result of working across many different mine sites, we have a range of different document template styles that can be used by your company.  Therefore, let us help you develop templates that suit your mining operations.

We will work with your Team

The most important thing for us is that we are here to help you and your team. Consequently, we will work with your team in a fully cooperative manner.

We value good working relationships. As such, we want to be part of your team, rather than being a burden to it. Our consultants have the skills and knowledge to undertake the work. Hence, we will not constantly be asking your team for assistance in areas where we should know what we are doing.

How much does it cost?

Due to a range of factor, no two OHS Document 4 Mining projects are the same. Therefore, we cannot provide a standard price for preparing them.  

However, we can meet and discuss your project scope with you. Based on its duration, location and required personnel we will provide a proposal for you to review.

So please contact us today to arrange that initial scoping meeting.

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