OHS Management System Implementation

Helping mining companies implement their OHS management systems

OHS Management System Implementation

We can help you with your OHS management system implementation. Our consultants have assisted both large and small mining companies develop the processes, procedures and other items necessary to fully implement their OHS management system.

Furthermore, we have been site champions for specific major standards such as Isolations, Lifting Operations and Hazardous Substances. Hence, our consultants know what is necessary to implement any element of OHS management systems.

So why not get us involved today to help you better implement your OHS systems.

Plan to Succeed

When a site is required to implement a new corporate OHS management system, it is essential not to feel over loaded. Instead, it is essential to plan to succeed. So why not let our experienced consultants help you.

We are experienced in preparing and working to implementation plans. We can prepare them for you or work to one that you have developed.

If you would like us to develop one then we would review the:-

  • Implementation order of the various system elements based on risk;
  • Capital or operating costs to implement any element;
  • Extent of new processes and any required training; and
  • Resources required to implement each element.

Finally, once agreed to, the plan would be used to track implementation progress.

Implementation Resources

You have an implementation plan, but you do not have the required resources? If this is the case, then Safety Resources Australia can provide skilled consultants to help you.

We have assisted both large and small mining companies in Australia and overseas with their OHS management systems. The work tasks that we have done include:-

  • Preparation of procedures and forms;
  • Supply and installation of physical safety equipment or PPE requirements;
  • Development and delivery of required training courses;
  • Auditing the implementation progress of individual element requirements.

So why not let our consultants be the resources that you need to implement your OHS management system.


Join your team

If you have your own implementation team, but you need extra help then we can also help. Why not let our consultants join your team and be that extra help that you need. We have done this for a range of mining companies.

If required we can project manage your team that consists of both your own and our personnel. Most noteworthy is our commitment to provide our best service to implement your OHS management system.

Tools and facilities

No project can succeed without the correct tools and facilities to do so.  As such, no matter if we work with your team or manage the project, we will require them.

Safety Resources Australia can assist with this by determining what is required. Following this we would work with you to agree on what both parties supply in order to ensure the project can succeed.

We are not extravagant in our needs but like to ensure that there are no barriers to the project success.

Contact us

After reading the above you are hopefully aware of our abilities and experience in assisting mining companies with their OHS Management System Implementation. Therefore, if you need some help, please contact us today.

We can meet and determine what needs to be done and by when.  From that we can determine a scope of work and prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

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