Mining Feasibility Studies

Helping mining companies with their safety, OHS and risk sections of feasibility studies

OHS & Risk Sections of Mining Feasibility Studies

Safety Resources Australia can help your mining company with the OHS & risk sections of mining feasibility studies. As a result of working with a number of mining companies we can help in the following areas:-

  • Facilitating an overall project risk assessment. This not only looks at OHS issues but also the whole range of project risk factors including financial, community and environemental risk;
  • Conducting risk reviews of alternate mining methods or types of equipment. e.g. manual mining versus automation or truck and shovel versus IPCC etc.;
  • HAZID or HAZOP studies of proposed mining method or equipment;
  • Risk reviews, based on conflicting “expert” data on proposed mining methods or equipment;
  • Updating any of the above documents from lower to next level feasibility study.

We have and can assist with feasibility studies at any stage of the overall feasibility process. Therefore, we can be part of your feasibility team or work on stand-alone sections of a feasibility study.

Project Risk Assessment

An overall project risk assessment is sometimes required as an important element of a feasibility study. In addition to looking at OHS issue it also needs to consider all the other risk factors associated with the proposed mining venture.

Due to having conducted numerous of these project risk assessments, our consultants know what issues need to be assessed and how to asses them. This includes knowing what supporting data needs to be provided by other team members.

Based on the above, we are confident that our project risk assessments will cover all required areas. Furthermore, they will be supported by correct data. Due to our good reputation, we have conducted these risk assessments for both large and small mining companies within Australia and overseas.

Automated Mining Equipment

The use of automated mining equipment is ever increasing in the world.  If your feasibility study is going to include the use of such equipment then we can help.  Our consultants are very familiar with the issues around them and the required system controls.

We have conducted risk assessments for the use of this type of equipment for a range of mining companies. Most of our clients are surprised by the risk issues that they had not considered and therefore appreciate our knowledge.

Feasibility study location

We have worked with mining feasibility teams both in Australia and overseas. We will work with our clients at their requested location.

Some of the factors that have an impact on the study locations include the:-

  • Team member availability for risk assessments;
  • Details of mining process or detailed drawings for HAZID or HAZOP studies or risk assessments; and
  • Access to study information such as expert reports etc.

Due to the above, our consultants need to be where the required information is or risk assessment team members are. As such, we can come to your workplace in order to work with your team.

Work with your team

If you would like our consultant to join your feasibility study team full time, this can occur. We have worked this way for a number of mining companies in Australian and overseas.

Once we are allocated a task to perform, we will apply our professional service to it. Furthermore, we will always work within your study boundaries and use document formats that will ensure report consistency.

We can also participate is overall feasibility team meetings. Where appropriate we would provide any relevant input at such meetings.

Contact us

Having read the above information we hope that you have a sense of our abilities and experience in this area. Hence, we would like to help you with your Mining Feasibility Study at whatever level it is.

Please contact us today and arrange a meeting for us to discuss how we can help you.  Following that we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

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