OHS System Improvement Plan for Mining

Help mining companies improve their OHS systems one step at a time

OHS System Improvement Plan

Your OHS system improvement plan will document areas of improvement identified by audits, incidents or area reviews. Safety Resources Australia has skilled consultants that can develop your improvement plan and associated implementation timetable.

The timetable will be risk based, rather than from easiest to most difficult tasks. As a result you site risk profile will be reduced faster and with greater affect.

So why let us help you today to finalise those audit or incident investigation actions. By doing so will allow you to remain focused on your core business.

Not sure what resources you require?

You already have an OHS improvement plan. That is great; but you are not sure what resources you require? No problem let us work with you to determine your needs and thus your required resources.

Our consultants are very experienced, having worked with other mining companies in Australia and overseas. We can undertake a large variety of tasks, including writing documents, training and even the supply of PPE and other safety equipment identified in the plan.

Work with your team

You have a team working on your OHS improvement plan. However, you are not happy with the progress and recognise the need for some extra resources. Safety Resources Australia can provide the extra resources to work with your team.

We provide flexibility to the person managing the team by being able to allocate the best resources to the planned tasks. This results in better outcomes in a shorter time period and generally with less cost.

Your site or our office

People working at a mine site can be distracted by day to day site issues. If they are part of your OHS improvement team, then this can impact on their planned work. As a result, the timetable may be affected. 

Where practical to do so, our consultants can come to site, gather the required information and then return to our office. That way we remain focused on the tasks. As a result your OHS improvement plan progress stays on track.

What will it cost?

Due to the varying nature, location and duration of OHS improvement plan tasks, it is not possible to provide a fixed price. However, we can meet with you, determine a scope of work and provide a cost estimate.

As a result of the above, we can determine the correct resources for each task and provide a cost effective price. Therefore, your project costs are reduced and correctly managed.

Contact us

Why delay any longer in getting the extra resources you need to assist you with your OHS System Improvement Plan.  Our consultants are both competent and experienced to undertake the work tasks in a timely and cost effective manner.

Please contact us today so we can arrange to meet and jointly agree on a scope of work. Following that, we will provide you with a project cost estimate for your review and approval.

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