OHS Management 4 Medium Sized Businesses

For medium sized bsuinesses from 21 to 200 employees

OHS Management 4 Medium Sized Businesses

Good OHS Management 4 medium sized businesses is critical for their continued existence and growth.  Your goal is to have a good business with good business practices. Hence, good OHS or WHS management should be one of your core values.

The last thing that any size business needs is the unnecessary cost of a workplace injury and any legal issues that could follow. As such, it is better to invest in a quality OHS or WHS management system in order to prevent a workplace injury.

We recognises that whilst your desire is to have a compliant OHS or WHS management system, it is not your core business focus. Therefore, trying to make one on your own can be a time consuming and frustrating.  So why not use our expertise in OHS and WHS management to do the hard parts for you. That way you can concentrate on providing the service or goods that your business is set up to do.

OHS Documents

Does your OHS management system have a range of documents that need updating and/or adding to?

Do you need an SWMS, a JSA or an SWP/SWI prepared for you?  Or maybe you need some OHS or WHS related forms.

Whatever OHS documentation you need, we can help your business.

WorkSafe Prohibition or Improvement Notice Help

Has your business has been issued with either a Prohibition or Improvement Notice? Is so we can help you resolve it.

We can review the notice and work with you on the best solution. Help could range from practical advice, development of a register, write a procedure, conduct some training or provide some safety signs or other safety products. Lets talk about how we can help your business.

WorkSafe Plan Development & Audit

Does your business need or want to achieve “WorkSafe WA Plan” status? If so then Safety Resources Australia can:-

  • Help you prepare your OHS management system that is compliant with the elements of the WorkSafe WA Plan; or
  • Update your existing OHS management system so that it is compliant with the elements of the WorkSafe WA Plan; or
  • Audit your system and if your system meets the requirements, submit your application to WorkSafe WA to receive your accreditation certificate.

CM3 Certification

Some businesses require CM3 certification in order to perform sub-contract work for larger companies.

If you have to achieve CM3 certification, then we can provide either general guidance assistance or full preparation of your OHS management system and its submission to the CM3 certification portal.

Let us do the hard work for you. If you engage us and fully follow what we require you to do, then we guarantee to get your CM3 certification in place.

OHS Consultancy

Have you got an OHS or WHS concern that you need help with?  Maybe someone has raised an issue and you don’t know what to do.

Well Safety Resources Australia can assist you. We can come to your workplace, discuss the issue with you and provide some help on resolving it.

OHS Improvement Project

Does your OHS management system needs a good overall? Or would you like us to help you build one from scratch?

We can do either of the above for you. We will come to your workplace, make an assessment of where your are and then prepare an OHS Improvement Project plan that is tailored for your business.

OHS Compliance Review

Do you have a client that requires an independent review of you OHS management system?  

If so, Safety Resources Australia can conduct the review and provide the report to yourself and/or your client.  We have experienced and qualified auditors to conduct the review.

Risk Management

Risk management is an important area of OHS or WHS for your business.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business in all areas of risk management and control from a simple JSA or SWMS right up to a all site operational or maintenance risk assessment.

PPE, Workwear & Safety Products

For all your PPE, workwear, footwear and other safety products and equipment that your business needs, we can supply.

Our subsidiary business SUPA Safety Shop is here to help you with all your needs..

Have we missed something?

If you need something different to what is listed above, please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you.

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