CM3 Certification 4 Medium Sized Businesses

Helping medium sized businesses achieve CM3 certification

CM3 Certification 

Your business may need CM3 certification in order to do some work for a larger companies and organisations. However, we understand that you just want to focus on your business, rather than work out what is required and how to answer all CM3 submission questions.

As such, this is where we can help you. First of all, we will review your existing OHS management system. If changes are required to suit CM3 requirements, we will make them. If you do not have a OHS management system then we can prepare one to suit your business and use it for the CM3 submission. Finally, we will complete your CM3 online submission on your behalf.

Most importantly, if you work with us and provide us with all the required information, we guarantee that your business will gain CM3 certification.

Don’t have an existing OHS Management System?

What if my business does not have an OHS Management System? No problems, we will develop one for you. We will ensure that it meets your business and CM3 certification requirements.

More importantly though, by being tailored to your business you will not be required to do things that do not suit your business activities. This is often the failure of generic on-line OHS management systems.

We already have an OHS Management System

Our business already has a OHS Management System. Great, we will review it and see if it needs any changes to suit the CM3 certification requirements.

If changes are required, we can make them for you. If no changes are required, then we will use your OHS Management System in your CM3 submission.

We work as partners

The CM3 submission requires some documents and records to be uploaded to their system. As detailed above, if you do not have them, then we will prepare them for you.

However, if you have existing SWMS, training records etc. then we will upload them to the CM3 system at the correct submission places.

Annual CM3 renewal

Each year your business will need to complete a renewal of your CM3 certification. To do so, the CM3 system requires some up to date documents and other details to be uploaded to their system.

Like the original submission, we understand that you just want to focus on your normal business activities. So, let us help you through the annual review process to regain your CM3 certification renewal.

What does it cost?

We will work with you to determine what is required for your business to either gain or renew your CM3 certification. Once we know what we need to do for you, we will be able to provide you with a fixed price quote to undertake the work.

Contact us now to arrange a quotation for your CM3 Certification.

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