OHS Compliance Review for Medium Size Businesses

Assisting you to understand your level of OHS compliance

OHS Compliance Review for Medium Size Business

An OHS compliance review for your medium size business will assist your business health. The level of compliance is essential information for the development of any OHS improvement plan.

Safety Resources Australia is experienced in performing these types of reviews. We have completed them for a wide range of industries and of differing sizes.  The checklists that we use are our own or have been developed by various government agencies. As such, we ensure that we review all areas of your business activities.

Only your report

After we complete your OHS compliance review, we provide you with a written report. We also make OHS improvement suggestions.

This report is confidential to your organisation. We do not report any areas of non-compliance to any statutory body or government department. It is there to help you improve your business, not to see you punished.

We are here to help

Following the report you may think – wow we have a lot to do.  It may seem too much and as such not possible to achieve the necessary changes.

This is not a time to panic; rather it is time to get help. We can help your business make the changes. Be it procedural changes or physical items such as guarding or signs.  Let us help you to progress through the list of required tasks.

Improvement Timetable

If you ask us to help, we will jointly develop an improvement timetable. This will first focus on the highest risk items. By doing so the risk profile of your business will be lowered faster than if you simply work on issues in a random order.

All issue will be actioned using your timeline. This will ensure that we do not interfere with your core business tasks.

One bite at a time

With an improvement timetable in place, we can jointly work through the issues one bite at a time. There is no use trying to make all the required changes all at once. History shows that this has more of a negative rather than positive impact on a business.  

We want to help you make the required changes but jointly we also need to ensure that your business continues to do what it does best. So let’s do it together, one bite at a time.

What is the cost?

Due to a number of factors, the cost of both the compliance review and any follow actions will vary from one business to another.  We also understand that cost control is very important for any business.

As such, we will always provide a cost estimate for each stage of the process. By doing so, you will know the costs and delivery timetable. This will ensure effective cost control.

Why not contact us today and let’s chat about your OHS Compliance Review needs.

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