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OHS or WHS Documents

From time to time businesses need OHS documents for correct OSH or WHS management. The required documents can include:-

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS);
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Safe Work Procedures or Instructions (SWP or SWI);
  • Hazardous Substances Registers;
  • Classified Plant Registers and Record Files;
  • Safety Management Plans (SMP)
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA);
  • Training Matrix;
  • Forms including:-
    • Toolbox Meeting Minutes;
    • Vehicle Inspections;
    • Workplace Inspections;
    • Injury and Treatment records;
    • Return to Work Programs;
    • and more…


We are here to help you

Producing any of the above listed documents can be quite a burden on businesses. However, it is essential that your business remains OHS or WHS compliant.

This is where Safety Resources Australia can help. We can determine your OHS or WHS document needs, prepare them and help you implement them.

Let us be your OHS or WHS documents expert whilst you remain focused on your core business activities.

Review & Update of Existing Documents

If you already have an existing OHS or WHS document management system, it is good. However, we can review it for you and make any required updates.

Reviews conducted by Safety Resources Australia would result in a fresh set of eyes looking at your documents. This will ensure that they meet all current OHS or WHS laws. 

We can also improve document structure and layout. This can include adding pictures to improve understanding.

Which ones first?

You need a lot of OHS or WHS documents to be reviewed and updated. The question is which ones should we do first?

The answer is very simple; the ones that are related to the highest risk tasks first. We can assist with this by applying a risk based assessment. By doing so, you will get the order right and reduce your workplace risk level at a faster rate.

Staged process

We understand that cash flow for any size business is critical for its survival. If required, we can work with you on a staged progress of the OHS or WHS documents preparation or review.

This will enable the costs to be spread over a longer time period in order to maintain your cash flow.


What will it cost?

No two OHS or WHS document review tasks are the same. Hence, we cannot provide a cost estimate without having first determined a scope of work.

So we will meet with you first in order to determine the scope of work. Following that we will develop a proposal for your review and acceptance.

Please contact us and let’s discuss your OHS Document needs.


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