OHS Improvement Project for Medium Size Businesses

Helping you take your OHS or WHS compliance to the next level

OHS (Safety) Improvement Project

Does your OHS performance need a lift? If yes, then our OHS Improvement Project can help you and your business.

Your business may have out grown your existing safety management system. Alternatively, you just want to be ahead of the game before a potential client review.

We can come to your workplace, review your current level of OHS or WHS compliance, and recommend changes. We can provide you with an OHS Improvement Project plan tailored to your business.

The plan may include items such as:-

  • An OHS (Safety) compliance Audit;
  • A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) that has an OHS focus but can also include other training;
  • Organise the delivery of any identified training;
  • Either develop a new or update your existing OHS or WHS Management System. You may even wish to achieve WorkSafe Plan certification;
  • Conduct business risk assessments and develop your business risk register;
  • Develop other registers such as Hazardous Substances, Classified Plant etc.;
  • Develop new or update existing Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) or Safe Work Procedures / Instructions (SWP/I);
  • Any other items deemed necessary from the initial assessment.


Can we start with a blank canvas?

Yes we can! If your business has grown faster than your level of OHS or WHS compliance, do not be concerned. This will not stop the development of your OHS or WHS (Safety) Management System.

Rather, we will work with you on your journey of compliance improvement. This will ensure that you have a modern and fully legally compliant OHS or WHS management system.

Yes it will take time, but the sooner it is started, the sooner it will be finished. Furthermore, it is better to work at your desired rate rather than any imposed from a client or statutory body.

Already have some things in place!

If you already have some things in place then that is a good start. We will review them and if they are OK then we can integrate them into your OHS (Safety) Management System.

When we conduct our initial assessment we will review what you have in place. Following that, we will determine what needs to be added, rather than throw out what has already been started.

We are here to help you, not hinder you with added systems that will not work with your existing systems.

What do you need to do?

The initial review meeting will take between 1 and 2 hours. We would need you and other key business personnel present at the meeting. Furthermore, we also need to do a walk around of your business premises.

Following that meeting we will prepare a scope of work as well as a costed proposal for your review.

If you wish to proceed with the project we will need relevant documents and other minor assistance when we are on-site. Other than that you can leave us with it and we will do the agreed work.

What does SRA do?

Once you have engaged us, we do the agreed work task. This will enable you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Sometimes we need some input. For example for the development of an SWP we will need to attend your workplace, take relevant pictures and talk to some of your workers. However, once that is done, leave us to prepare the SWP for your review and approval.

We will always do all things to minimise our impact on your business. 

What about cost?

As no two businesses are the same, it is not possible to put a fixed price figure here that would suit every size business.

However, what we will do is make the initial assessment and following that come up with a scope of works and costed proposal.

It is always possible to stage the work over an extended period of time in order to spread the cost. By doing so we minimise the cash flow effect on your business.

Please contact us today in order to arrange an initial review meeting to discuss your OHS Improvement Project needs.

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