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OHS Risk Management

OHS Risk management is an important area of occupational health and safety management for any business. It can include:-

  • Take 5
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA);
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS);
  • Business Risk Assessment and register;
  • Process Risk Assessment;
  • Equipment Risk Assessment;

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business with any of the above areas of OHS risk management needs. 

Take 5

Take 5 is a simple risk management tool used by many businesses. However, businesses need to be aware of its limitations. Therefore it should only be used as:-

  • A final check for a stage of work that is fully detailed in a JSA or SWMS;
  • For simple repetitive work task where people are trained to do it. The Take 5 is just looking for unique risks in the current work environment.

We can tailor a Take 5 form for your business and train your workers in its correct use.



Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a traditional tool used by many businesses to ensure that their workers identify and control workplace risks.  It is still a very useful tool today.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are a legal requirement for a list of “High Risk” work tasks detailed in various OHS / WHS legislation. They are a bit more complex than a JSA. Some businesses also now use SWMS instead of JSA.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business to understand when either of the above are required in the workplace. We can also assist in the development of forms tailored to your business.

Furthermore, we can write JSA or SWMS for any work tasks that you client is asking for one to be prepared.

Business Risk Register

As your business grows, so does the variety of risks and your risk profile. With this in mind it is important that your business establishes a “Business Risk Register”.  This register will list the main business activities, the hazards, their controls as well as their risk ranking.

Based on the risk rankings, the business needs to continuously strive to reduce these rankings to as low as is reasonably practical (ALARP).

We can assist you with both the preparation of your Business Risk Register as well as actions to reduce your risk profile.

Process / Equipment Risk Assessment

Part of developing a Business Risk Register is to perform either a process or equipment risk assessment. This will ensure that all hazards are identified and the best controls are in place.

The boundaries of the risk assessments need to be clear in order to ensure that all process or equipment risks are identified and controlled. Following the completion of the Business Risk Register, it is important to develop an OHS Improvement Project in order to take action with high risk work tasks.

We are here to help

If any of the above all sounds a bit complex, don’t worry. Safety Resources Australia is here to help your business by stepping you through the processes.

We can help your business with any of the above elements of risk management. Our OHS consultants are well qualified and experienced to perform the required tasks.

Contact us today so we can arrange to meet with you and determine your OHS Risk Management needs.

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