WorkSafe Plan Development & Audit

Assisting business with their WorkSafe Plan development & audit

WorkSafe Plan Development & Audit

Would your business would like to achieve certification to the WorkSafe WA Plan? If so, then Safety Resources Australia can assist you. We can start from nothing or review your existing OHS management system. Whatever is required, we will work with you to make any required changes to achieve compliance with the plans element requirements.

When your plan has maturity your business can be audited. If the audit outcome is good, then you can apply to be awarded one of three levels of achievement.

Your Timetable

We understand that whilst you wish to achieve WorkSafe Plan certification, you still have a business to run. The WorkSafe Plan contains a number of elements and requirements. Therefore, dependent on the status of your existing safety management system, it may take some time to make the required changes.

However, we will work with you to achieve compliance. As such, first of all we will sit down with you and develop a timetable.  With that in place, we will then work on developing and implementing the required workplace changes all whilst not having a negative effect on your business.

We already have a Safety Management System

If you already have a safety management system, that is good. We will map it against the WorkSafe WA Plan element requirements.

By doing so, we will determine any required changes. Furthermore, we can develop an action plan and timetable to assist your business to make the required changes.

WorkSafe Plan Information

The WorkSafe Plan has been developed by WorkSafe WA. As such, it is only applicable to businesses that have to comply with the Western Australian Occupational Safety & Health Act and Regulations.

If your business does not meet the above, you can still use the plan to develop your safety management system. However, you will not be able to apply for certification by WorkSafe WA.

More information about the WorkSafe Plan can be found on the WorkSafe WA website.

Gaining WorkSafe Plan Certification

So you have done all the hard work. You now want to see if you qualify for one of three levels of WorkSafe Plan certification.

To do so your safety management system needs to be audited by an accredited WorkSafe Plan auditor. It also needs to have proven strength and maturity.

Safety Resources Australia consultants are accredited auditors. However, if we have worked with you on your safety management system then we cannot audit our own work. However, we can guide you to another suitable auditor.

On the other hand, if you or someone else has developed your safety management system then we can conduct your compliance audit. 

How much does it cost?

Every business is at different levels of maturity with their safety management system. As such, each will require different levels of help to achieve a WorkSafe Plan compliant system.

However, we can come to your workplace, review the status of your existing safety management system and physical workplace. Following that, we will prepare a scope of work and proposals for your review and approval.

Please contact us now to arrange for an initial assessment meeting to discuss your WorkSafe Plan Development requirements.

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