OHS Consultants for Large Businesses

For large sized businesses with more than 200 employees

OHS Consultants for Large Businesses

OHS consultancy for large sized businesses is critical for their survival in today’s modern world.  You have many areas to manage in your business and good OHS or WHS management should be one of them.

Large businesses do not need the cost burden of a workplace injury or any legal action that may result from it. Therefore, it makes good business sense to invest in and maintain a good OHS or WHS management system.

Safety Resources Australia understands your desire to have a fully compliant OHS or WHS management system, but it is just one area of the management of your busy business. So, why not use our expertise to help you with your OHS or WHS management? Let us do the hard work for you. By doing so, you can concentrate on your core business activities.

OHS Consultancy 4 Large Businesses

Your business is going well but you know that your OHS management system has slipped behind.  This could be just one reason for needing some OHS consultancy help.

Other reasons are many and varied, but whatever you need, we are here to help.  Why not find out more?

OHS Documents 4 Large Businesses

Are your Safe Work Procedures or Instructions getting out of date? Do you need some SWMS for a new project that you have been awarded?

We understand that OHS document needs are forever changing in a large business. Managing them can be a burden and a distraction from your core business tasks. If this is so, then let us manage your OHS or WHS document management system.

Project OHS Management Plan

Congratulations, you have just won a new contract for your business. But one of the first requirements is a Project Safety or OHS Management Plan. 

If this is the case then we can prepare it, or update an existing one for you. We will tailor it to suit your business processes as well as your client requirements.  

Call us today and let’s discuss your needs.

OHS System Improvement Project

Sometimes a large business will identify an OHS or WHS improvement project. If this has occurred in your business, then please contact us.

We will visit your workplace and together develop a scope of work.  The work can be any area of OHS or WHS system improvement.

OHS Compliance Audit

Your business is successful and you want to keep it that way. An OHS compliance audit can ensure that your business is compliant with current OHS or WHS laws relevant to your business.

Alternatively, you may have a contractual requirement to have an independent OHS or WHS compliance audit conducted on your business.  Whatever the need, we can perform the audit and provide you with an audit report and score.

AS/NZS 4801 OHS Management System

Does your business need an AS/NZS 4801 compliant OHS Management system? If yes then we can assist you with its development.

The AS/NZS 4801 OHS management system has a number of elements each of which have detailed compliance requirements. We can either build on your existing OHS management system or develop one from scratch. In the end you will have a compliant OHS management system.

So let’s talk today about how we can help your business.

PPE, Workwear & Safety Products

Our subsidiary business, SUPA Safety Shop, can supply all your PPE and safety equipment needs.  PPE includes hard hats, safety glasses, face protection, respiratory protection, gloves, workwear and footwear. Safety equipment includes safety cones, bollards, barriers, signs, locks and tags, logbooks etc.

Please contact us today and let us help you.

Have we missed something?

If your Large Business OHS needs are something different to what is listed above, please contact us and we will always try to assist.

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