AS/NZS 45001 OHS / WHS Management System

A Occupational Health and Safety management system designed to reduce workplace injury & illness

AS/NZS 45001 OHS / WHS Management System

Would you like your business to be AS/NZS 45001 OHS management system compliant? If yes, then Safety Resources Australia can assist you with its development.

The AS/NZS 45001 OHS management system requirements have been developed to help businesses establish an OHS / WHS management system that can be audited and if desired certified. It is made up of a number of elements each of which has a range of requirements. If you fully comply with the system, you can achieve certification after six months of operating it.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business to become AS/NZS 45001 compliant. First of all we look at you current OHS or WHS management system. If you have nothing, then we start from scratch and build your system. Alternatively if you have something, then we will improve it until it is fully compliant. Let’s share the journey together.

Making the required changes

As detailed above, the AS/NZS 45001 OHS / WHS management system has a number of elements, each of which has a set of requirements. Experience shows us, that making lots of changes to your existing OSH / WHS management system, all at once has a negative effect. This is not a desired outcome.

To avoid this, we work with you, at your pace of change. By doing so, the system changes are better accepted by your workforce. As a result, your improved systems are put into place easier and remain in place.  This is essential for long term certification.

Already have a Safety Management System?

You already have a safety management system in place; that is good news. We can access it against each of the element requirements of AS/NZS 45001. By doing so, we will determine any areas that may need some changes in order to become fully compliant.

In making these changes, we will not throw out your existing system. Rather, we will only make the necessary changes, so as to minimise the impact on your business. This will improve workforce acceptance of the need for change.

AS/NZS 45001 Information

If you are not sure about becoming AS/NZS 45001 OHS management system compliant, then why not become informed? If you understand the purpose and requirements of the system then you can make a more informed decision.

The system has been designed by Standards Australia. A visit to their website will provide you with information about the system. Furthermore their website also details the benefits of becoming certified. 

The benefits include being able to tender for certain government projects. Additionally, some larger private contracting companies also require their sub-contractors to be certified to AS/NZS 45001 OHS management system.

Gaining AS/NZS 45001 Certification

We can assist any business to develop and implement the requirements of the AS/NZS 45001 OHS management system. However, due to an auditing rule, we cannot audit and certify our own work. Hence, we cannot grant certification.

The above also applies to certifying organisations. As such, it is not possible to get them to both develop and certify an AS/NZS 45001 OHS / WHS management system for your business.

The above may sound very frustrating. If however, you want to become AS/NZS 45001 OHS / WHS management system certified, we can recommend auditing companies that can do the required audit.

What are the costs?

Due to every business being different in size, operations and level of maturity of their OHS / WHS  management system, we are unable to provide fixed cost estimates here. However, we can come to your workplace and determine your needs.

Following that, we would prepare a costed project plan for the work tasks that would need to done in order to achieve a fully compliant ASNZS 45001 OHS Management System.

Why not contact us today and let the journey begin.

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