WHS Compliance Audit 4 Large Businesses

Helping you to understand your level of WHS legal compliance

WHS Compliance Audit

You operate a business and you want to know its level of WHS compliance. Alternatively, you need an WHS compliance audit to comply with a project tender or contract condition.

We can conduct your WHS compliance audit. The audit will examine a range of elements and determine your audit score.  Furthermore, we provide you with a report and suggested actions.  In addition, the audit report can be used to develop an WHS Improvement Project for your business. 

Safety Resources Australia has conducted a variety of audits for a range of industries and projects. We will use an WHS compliance checklist that is best suited to your type of business or one that is provided by your client.

Your Audit, Your Confidential Report

On completing your WHS compliance audit, we will provide you with an audit report.  It will also include a number of suggested improvements.

The report is confidential to your business and will not be supplied to any other parties without your approval. We do not report any areas of non-compliance to any statutory body or government organisation.

Suggested Improvements

On receiving your WHS compliance audit report, you may think that you have a lot to do.  Do not be over loaded by the work, rather take it one step at a time.

We can help by preparing an WHS Improvement Project for your business. It will detail what needs to be done and when to do it. Furthermore, we can help you with any of the required actions.

Your Timeframe

It is important to realise that not all audit non-compliance’s need actions straight away. All suggested actions will be given a priority score based on risk.

Hence, based on the priority scores, we can assist you to develop an action timetable. This will ensure that you make the suggested changes to a timeframe that suits your business.

Stay focused on your core business

It is important that all areas of WHS non-conformance are dealt with in a timely manner. However, it is still important to stay focused on your core business.

With that in mind, we will always look at your business in an operating mode. Hence, any actions will use as many of your existing systems as possible.

What does it cost?

Cost control for any business is very important. As such, we will always provide a fully costed proposal upfront prior to doing any work for your business.

Therefore, you will always have control over your costs.

Why not contact us today and ask for a proposal for an WHS Compliance Audit.