OHS Consultancy 4 Large Businesses

Helping larger businesses with their Occupational Health and Safety consultancy needs

OHS Consultancy 4 Large Businesses

From time to time, large businesses need some Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) consultancy support. The reasons are generally many and varied but are always important.  Whatever your need, Safety Resources Australia can assist you.  Areas of assistance include:-

  • Overall company and/or a project OHS Management Plan, sometimes just call a Safety Management Plan or SMP;
  • A project, process or equipment risk assessment;
  • Specialised documents such as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for a site or project work task;
  • Project or general workplace inspections by a fresh set of eyes to ensure that uncontrolled hazards are not been over looked;
  • A contract Safety Advisor for a project or shut down work tasks;
  • Any other general OHS or WHS support.


We are here to help

We are here to help you with your OHS consultancy needs for your large business. When we do so, we provide practical and effective OHS or WHS issue solutions rather than just tell you that something is wrong and that you need fix it.

We will not come and tell you how to run your business. Instead we will ensure that the OHS solutions are tailored to suit your business requirements, processes and other systems.

Not sure of what help you need

You feel that you need some OHS or WHS help but you are not sure what you actually need. No problem let us help you.

First of all, we will visit your workplace and discuss what your OHS or WHS issues are. From there we will develop a scope of work and action plan that suits your business needs and timetable.

Work with your existing OHS or WHS team

Sometimes you just need some extra help with your OHS or WHS issues that are overloading your existing team. When this occurs, Safety Resources Australia can help your business.

We will work with your existing team and be that extra resource for as long as we are needed. As we will be there to help not hinder, we will work within your existing business systems or help you improve them.


Specialised OHS or WHS support

Safety Resources Australia is experienced in providing specialised areas of OHS or WHS support. They include:-

Contact Us

So having read the above, you feel that your business needs some help with your OHS or WHS issues?  If this is the case, please contact us today to arrange an appointment for some OHS Consultancy.

We will organise a site visit where we can discuss your needs and work with you to determine a scope of work. Following that, we will prepare a cost estimate for your review and approval.