OHS Documents 4 Large Businesses

Let us help you with your OHS documents for your large business.

OHS Documents

Correct and effective OHS documents for large businesses are an essential part of a OHS management plan. OHS or WHS documents can include:-

  • Project Safety (OHS) Management Plans (SMP or OHSMP);
  • Integrated Management System (IMS);
  • Classified Plant management systems including record files and register;
  • Hazardous Substances register including risk assessments;
  • Hazardous zone determination and procedures;
  • Emergency response plans for particular potential incidents;
  • Safe Work Methods Statements for high risk activities;
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or sometime called Task Hazard Analysis (THA);
  • Safe Work Procedures (SWP) or sometimes called Safe Work Instructions (SWI);
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Training Matrix;
  • OHS related forms including:-
    • Hazardous Substances record form;
    • Classified Plant record form;
    • Emergency Response scenario response form;
    • Toolbox meeting minute form;
    • Workplace inspection forms;
    • Injury and Treatment record form;
    • Return to Work Program form:
    • and more…

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business with any of the above or other OHS or WHS related documents.


Let us help you!

Safety Resources Australia recognises that the development and/or review of OHS or WHS documents can be a burden on any large business. After all, you just want to focus on your core business.

As such, we are here to help you through the process.  We will visit your workplace, and work with you to determine what you need. We will then prepare a scope of work and a cost estimate to complete the work.

Once approved, we will get your OHS or WHS documents system up to date and fully functional.



Scheduled updates to OHS or WHS documents

Your OHS or WHS documents were important to your business when they were first developed. They should still be important today, but most importantly they need to be up to date.

Important documents such as Safety Management Plans, Safe Work Procedures etc. should be reviewed at least every two years. It is amazing how fast that time comes around when you are focused on running your core business.

So, rather than you stressing about any required updates, engage us to review and update as required.  During the update process we will also ensure that the documents are compliant with relevant OHS or WHS legislation.


Document priority?

Your business has a lot of OHS or WHS documents that need to be prepared or updated. However, you do not know which ones you should do first.

The answer is simple; it is based on the risk of the work task or process. That is; the higher the work task risk, the higher the document priority.

We can work with you to determine your document risk priority. As a result you will do them in the right order.



Your timeline

We recognise that we need to assist your business rather than interrupt it.  As such, we will work to your timeline for any OHS or WHS document preparation, reviews or updates.

As a result, changes will occur in a staged manner that will suit your business. Trying to make too many changes too fast can have a negative impact on a business.  In conclusion, we are here to help not hinder your business goals and core activities.


Cost estimates

OHS or WHS document development, review and update projects vary in extent and degrees of difficulty. As such, exact time and thus cost estimates cannot be provided without visiting your workplace to determine what is needed.

Therefore, please let us meet you at your workplace and review your required work tasks. Consequently, we can agree on a scope of work and provide you with a costed proposal.

By doing so, you can achieve the required outcomes and still control your business costs. Please contact us now to arrange the site meeting to discuss your OHS Documents needs.


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