OHS System Improvement Project 4 Large Businesses

Helping you with your OHS system improvement project for your large business.

OHS System Improvement Project 4 Large Businesses

Does your large business need extra resources to assist you with an identified OHS or WHS system improvement project? If so, Safety Resources Australia can assist you. Furthermore, we have the personnel and experience to undertake any duration OHS or WHS system improvement project that you may have.

Some examples of OHS / WHS system improvement projects include:-

  • Corrective actions following an OHS or WHS systems audit;
  • Update of a package of Safe Work Procedures (SWP) or Safe Work Instructions (SWI);
  • Review and update of a site Risk Register or creation of one from start;
  • Safety sign audit;
  • Machinery and equipment safe guarding audit;
  • Environmental compliance audit or solutions;
  • Creation or update of OHS / WHS related registers including:-
    • Statutory compliance register – what laws do we have to comply with?
    • Hazardous Substances and (M)SDS files;
    • Classified Plant;
    • Training and assessment;
    • Work at Heights safety equipment;
    • Lifting equipment.

If the above list does not have your OHS or WHS system improvement project listed on it, don’t worry. Be assured that we can assist your business in any area of OHS or WHS compliance.

We can and have provided our consultancy services throughout Australia and internationally.

Not quite sure what you require?

You feel that your OHS or WHS system is lacking something, but you are not sure what it is. Do not be concerned as Safety Resources Australia is here to assist your business.

First of all we will visit your workplace and discuss your concerns with you. As part of those discussions we will jointly determine a scope of work. Following that we will prepare a proposal that will detail the estimated project cost.

Finally, you can review the proposal. If you agree with it, then we will complete the agreed scope of work.

Just need extra personnel

You have your own OHS/WHS team. However, you need some extra personnel due to some extra workload.  No problems, Safety Resources Australia have experienced consultants available to assist your team for any required time period.

All of our OHS consultants are qualified for the required work tasks. They can meet any security, drug and/or alcohol assessments that maybe required. Furthermore, our consultants are very experienced in all types of consultancy and have conducted it throughout Australia and overseas.

We are here to help

One of our most important mantras is that we are here to help you with what your businees needs. As such, we will work within your existing business systems rather than forcing you to use ours.

Having said that, we have a number of OHS or WHS system templates that may be of use to your business, should you need them.

What do we charge?

No two OHS consultancy tasks are the same. As such, it is not possible to provide a one price fits all project cost.

When we prepare our OHS consultancy proposal, we firstly look at the required competency for the work task, duration and location. From knowing these factors we prepare a proposal based on providing the right personnel at a right cost. 

Contact us

Why delay your OHS system improvement project any longer?  Contact us today in order to make an appointment.

We will come to your workplace and discuss your needs and jointly determine a scope of work. Following that we will provide you with a proposal for your review and approval.

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