Project OHS Management Plan

A Project OHS Management Plan to suit your business and your client requirements

Project OHS Management Plan

A Project OHS Management Plan is often required by a client as part of either a tender process or an awarded contract.  If you need one then Safety Resources Australia can assist you with its development.  We will look at your business activities, as well as what your client requires, as inclusions in your Project OHS Management plan.

The plan needs to be simple enough to use but detailed enough to achieve safe outcomes and meet your client requirements. This can be a balancing act, but Safety Resources Australia has the experience and expertise to assist you with its development and if required putting it into effect.

Project OHS Management Plan from Scratch

You are pleased to have been awarded the contract for a tendered project.  You want to focus on the other areas of the project but you do not want to neglect the Project OHS Management Plan.

This is where Safety Resources Australia can help.  We will look at what your project safety and client requirements are and develop a suitable plan for the project. We will use your existing processes where the client permits or detail any new processes that your project safety or client requires.

Already have a Project OHS Management Plan

Maybe you already have a basic Project OHS Management Plan but it needs improving.  No problems, Safety Resources Australia can assist you with that.

First of all we will review your existing plan and map it against your project safety and client requirements. Following that we will work with you and make the required changes to your plan. We will not be happy until you and your client are happy with your revised plan.

Assistance to Implement the Plan

You have a Project OHS Management Plan. That is good, but do you need assistance to implement it?

If this is the case, then we can provide that assistance. We can deliver training, conduct audits or provide on-site support with implementing the plan.

Site Review Audits

Are you required to have independent site review audits of your compliance to your Project OHS Management Plan? Alternatively, does your company management team want compliance audits?

For either of the above, Safety Resources Australia can assist. We can conduct an audit and prepare a written report of our findings.

For any areas needing corrective actions we can also provide assistance to fix the issue.

Contact Us

Having read the above, if you know that you need some help with your Project OHS Management Plan then please contact us today and arrange for a meeting.

At that meeting we will discuss your needs and together develop a scope of work.  Based on that, we will prepare a fully costed proposal for your consideration. Once approved, we can provide the help that you need.

Why delay, please contact us today.

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