CM3 Help

Helping businesses achieve CM3 certification

CM3 Help

Does your business need CM3 help to become CM3 certified? If so, then Safety Resources Australia can assist you. I does not matter what safety management systems you currently have in place. We will assess them and prepare an action plan for any gaps.

We can prepare a Safety Management System that is tailored to your business rather than an “off the shelf” purchased plan that will not suit your business. Additionally, we will assist you in other areas such as Hazardous Substances and Training Registers required for the CM3 submission.

Safety Management System

The CM3 certification process requires a business to have a range of policies and procedures in place.  Whilst it is possible for a business to prepare these documents, an integrated Safety Management System (SMS) is a best method to address these requirements.

As part of our assistance to you, if you have a SMS, we will review it and suggest any changes. If you do not have one then we will prepare one tailored to your organisation.

Required Registers

The achieve CM3 certification, business have to have a range of registers in place. Once again Safety Resources Australia can assist with their development.

We will gain the necessary information from you and then prepare the necessary registers.  The registers will be supplied to you at the end of the certification process to enable you to maintain them. This is necessary for annual re-certification.

Safe Work Method Statements

Another CM3 certification requirement is the submission of a number of SWMS for the work tasks that your business does.  If you have some, we can review them and make any suggested changes.

If they are in other formats such as JSA etc., then we can convert them to SWMS to suit the CM3 requirements.

Our CM3 Certification Guarantee

Safety Resources Australia guarantees to gain CM3 certification for your business as long as you supply:-

  • Certificates of Currency for all required insurance policies in place;
  • Us with all required information such as employee training certificates etc.;
  • A list of Hazardous Substances that your business uses;
  • Your plug in electrical tools testing register;
  • Us with any other general required information.

We do the work; you just need to supply some details for us to work with.


Let us help you achieve certification

You have read the above and know that you need help to achieve your CM3 Certification. Please contact us and we will work with you to determine what help you need.

Following that, we will provide you with an action plan and a quote.  If you approve it, we will then work on achieving CM3 certification for your business.

We do not invoice the work until you have achieved certification subject to you continuing to work with us during the process.