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Assisting businesses with the development of their OHS | WHS documents

OHS | WHS Documents

Every OHS or WHS management system or plan has OHS | WHS documents. They need to be relevant and have meaningful links to each other.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business with either preparing new or revising existing OHS or WHS documents.  We can assist the smallest of business that just requires a simple tailored OHS or WHS management plan. Alternatively, it maybe a large businesses or mining company with a large safety management system that needs reviewing or new documents.

We have experienced document writers who have developed documents for small to large size companies.  We have conducted some of this work overseas. Where this occurs we always ensure that the prepared documents meet local cultural understanding.

What Documents Do Your Need?

If you are not sure what OHS or WHS documents you need, then please contact us for assistance.  We can come to your workplace and help you work out what you need. It may be prepare new document or changes to existing ones.

Furthermore, we can review any of your existing documents and assist you to formalise them into a safety management system or plan. By doing so, it will be an integrated system that includes relevant links to other documents within the system. 

Just Need SWMS or JSA

You have just won a new contract, well done. However, before you can start you have to submit an SWMS or JSA.  If that is the case we can prepare them for you. 

Having an SWMS written specifically written for the work task and site is better than buying generic SWMS online. The online versions will not cover all the aspects of your work site. Furthermore, they generally include hazard controls that are not applicable to your complete work task.

When we prepare them for you, we will always work with you, until your client accepts the SWMS.

Other types of documents

If you need other types of documents such as Safe Work Procedures (SWP) or Safe Work Instructions (SWI), we can assist.  Safety Resources Australia has prepared these types of documents for other clients in Australia and overseas.

It maybe a one off for the use of a machine or a process. Alternatively, it may be a whole series of them to standardise production or maintenance tasks.

Your document template or ours

When we prepare documents for your business we are not going to say that you have to use our document format.  Hence, if you have an existing template, we will use it.

Alternatively, if you do not have any document templates then we can suggest a few different layouts for you to choose from. We can then customise the selected template to suit your business.

Contact us

We have the experience and knowledge to help your business with your OHS or WHS Document needs.  Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

We can come to your worksite and together we can determine a scope of work. From that we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

Let us help you with your document needs today.

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