Practical OHS or WHS Solutions

Helping all business with practical solutions to OHS or WHS issues

Practical OHS or WHS Solutions

Practical OHS or WHS solutions are essential for the control of workplace hazards. However, every workplace is different and as such they will have different hazards and controls. Some OHS or WHS solutions will be more effective in one workplace than another. As such, there is no ultimate safety solution for workplace issues.

Effectively controlled hazards are extremely important for any workplace. Additionally, if they are practical then they will be easy to implement and continue to use. At Safety Resources Australia, we take pride in advising businesses on how to resolve their OHS or WHS issues in a practical way. We will not recommend impractical ultimate safety solution that are hard to implement and maintain.

OHS or WHS Laws

Whilst our recommended solutions are always practical we also ensure that they comply with the relevant OHS or WHS laws. As a result, we will not recommend or condone any practise that will breach any OHS or WHS law.

Our practical solutions may range from a different method to perform the task or the use of different tooling. Whatever it is, we will strive for an outcome that is both practical and cost effective.

Multiple Solutions

As part of our commitment to practical solutions, where possible we will discuss a range of solutions to your OHS or WHS issue.  By doing so, it allows you to choose the one that best suits your business.

Furthermore, some solutions maybe a combination of control methods detailed in the Hierarchy of Controls. For example we may recommend the use of an extraction fan and a procedure for its use.

What does your client require?

Sometimes a client will insist that you use a certain hazard control method to address a particular workplace hazard. Wearing a fall arrest harnesses all the time whilst working on a flat roof is a typical example of this.

Whenever this occurs we will work with you to implement the defined control. However, we will always work on practical solutions to other issues.

PPE not always the answer

A common trap that businesses often fall into is the use of PPE as the hazard control solution. Therefore, adequate consideration must be given to its use as it is only a barrier between the worker and the hazard. As such, if it is not working then the worker is being exposed to the hazard.

Safety Resources Australia can help your business to determine if PPE is an acceptable solution and if so the most economical way to implement

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We believe that we will always provide your business with the most practical solution to your OHS or WHS issue.

Please contact us today and discuss your Practical OHS or WHS Solutions needs. We can work with you in determining the best practical solution rather than an impractical ultimate safety solution.

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