Safety Management System | Plan

A system or plan for businesses to manage their OHS | WHS obligations

Safety Management System | Plan

A tailored safety management system or plan can assist any size business meet their occupational health and safety legal requirements.  A good SMS or SMP provides all the policies, procedures and forms necessary for effective OHS | WHS management.

No two businesses are alike. Therefore, we tailor your SMS or SMP to suit your individual business. Furthermore, due to different OHS | WHS laws in each state of Australia, buying an online SMS or SMP can lead to incorrect policies, procedures and forms. The online systems also require businesses to do some tasks that they may not need to do.

Safety Resources Australia avoids this, by reviewing you actual business activities and preparing an SMS or SMP tailored to your business needs.

Already have an SMS or SMP

So you already have a safety management system or plan. That is good. Maybe it is very formal or just a bunch of policies, procedures and forms with no real structure.

No matter what state your system or plan is in, we can review it and make improvement suggestions. We will tailor it to your business needs and the OHS or WHS laws that you must comply with.

Have Nothing, Need Something

As your business grows; so will your need for a more formalised safety management system. You will not be able to continue to operate in a haphazard manner with respect to OHS or WHS.

Hence, you should feel the need a safety management system or plan to assist your business. Alternatively, as part of tendering for some contract work you may be asked for one.

If you have nothing, do worry, we will assist you by providing a plan tailored to your business and any client needs.

Say No to Generic SMS or SMP

We cannot emphasis enough that a generic online safety management plans will most likely not suit your business. They sell them as an easy way to get one in place. However, they are trying to cover every business situation, something that is not possible.

Firstly they are not suitable for all state OHS or WHS laws. Secondly, they will generally contain policies and procedures that will not be relevant to your business and hence require you to do unnecessary work tasks.

Finally, some major contracting companies or government authorities will not accept some of the forms used in them.

How much does it cost?

Our tailored plans will be more expensive than a generic online system or plan.  However, the online systems or plans will cost you more in the long run. This is due to the time required to do unnecessary tasks and potential breaches of OHS or WHS laws.

Hence, we will always look at what your business needs and anything that a client maybe asking of you. Also we will make sure it complies with your state OHS or WHS laws.

Having looked at the above, we will prepare a quote specific to your business needs. 

Contact us

We are confident that you will see the benefits of developing a tailored Safety Management System or Plan to your business. Additionally, contacting us for a discussion about your needs is free. 

So please contact us today and let’s discuss how we can develop a system or plan that suits your business.

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