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OHS Risk Management

Effective OHS risk management is essential for any operating business. It takes on many forms, including simple Take 5 or SWMS right up to formal risk assessments, HAZOP or SIL studies.  Whatever your OHS or WHS risk management needs are, we can assist your business.

Our qualified and competent OHS and WHS consultants can assist your business, including mining, with any workplace risk situation. As a consequence, businesses throughout Australia and overseas engage our risk management consultants to assist them.

Please review our range of OHS or WHS risk management services detailed below.

Day to Day Risk Management

All everyday work tasks, have hazards and thus risk associated with them. Therefore, without correct OHS or WHS risk management an injury or incident could occur.

As such, your business needs the right risk management tools to address your day-to-day risk assessment and control requirements. We can provide them to your business.

OHS Risk Assessment

Firstly, an accurate OHS risk assessment of your business tasks will ensure that you meet OHS or WHS legislation. Furthermore, it will identify tasks lacking in adequate hazard control. Once identified, adequate controls can be established.

We can perform an OHS or WHS risk assessment on an item of plant or equipment, a process or an entire business operation or project. Please click on the “Learn more” button for more details.

OHS Risk Register

Would you like to know your business risk profile? If yes then we can help. Firstly we will help you establish an OHS risk register. The completed register can then help your business to keep targeting higher risk activities. As a consequence you will reduce your overall business risk profile.

We has experienced OHS and WHS risk consultants to help you prepare and maintain your OHS risk register. Please click on the “Learn more” button for more details.

HAZOP Studies

HAZOP studies identify operational hazards with plant, equipment or a process system.  Generally two HAZOP studies are conducted during the design cycle. The first at concept design, the other at 80-90% design completion.

We have skilled and experienced HAZOP facilitators to conduct your HAZOP studies. They can be conducted either in Australia or overseas. Please click on the “Learn more” button for more details.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessments

Firstly, industry uses Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessments on plant, equipment or process systems in order to prevent catastrophic events.  As such, SIL levels range from SIL 1 to SIL 4 and a range of factors influence the achieved SIL rating.

We have qualified Functional Safety Engineers who can undertake SIL rating assessments for your business. Please click on the “Learn more” button for more details.

Catastrophic Risk Management

A fatal incident can be very devastating to a business. However, when they occur, business say that they never saw the incident causes as a potential for a fatality. As such, this is where Catastrophic Risk Management can and should be used.

We can assist your business identify and correctly control any potential catastrophic risks. Please click on the “Learn more” button for more details.

Have we missed something?

If you need something different to what is listed above, please contact us and we will always try to assist.

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