Catastrophic Risk Management

Helping businesses to prevent a workplace fataility

Catastrophic Risk Management

Does your business need to identify potential fatal incidents? If so then we can help you. We will apply the catastrophic risk management (CRM) process to your business.

First of all, we will help you identify those very unlikely fatal incident causes. Once identified, their existing controls are reviewed to assess their strength. If they are weak, then they are either changed or new ones added.

Safety Resources Australia can help you use the CRM process. By doing so, you will help your business identify those potential fatal incidents. This will make it a safer place for your workers.

CRM Identification Process

The CRM identification process is quite complex. However, our facilitators will help you with it.  We ask a series of questions about what could go wrong for each workplace task.

When the outcome is a potential fatality, we work with you to determine new or different controls. The controls maybe procedures, changed work practices or physical changes to the workplace.

Control Determination

We will work with your team to determine controls required for the potentially fatal events. First of all with you we review the effectiveness of the existing controls. Following this we determine any new or changed controls.

The team document the above into a table. However, to provide a visual image, of the potential fatal event a “Bow Tie” diagram is prepared. It displays the risk inputs and all existing and new controls.

Control implementation

The new CRM controls will include new procedures, work methods, training or physical changes to the workplace. We all know that this will present work load challenges to your existing staff due to their normal work tasks.

Safety Resources Australia can assist you with your CRM controls workload. We have skilled personnel to write procedures and provide training. In addition, we can supply all safety related equipment and PPE required for the changes to the workplace.

Control monitoring

The correct and on time implementation of the controls, detailed on the Bow Ties is essential. Safety Resources Australia can assist you to monitor this.

First of all we will establish a Bow Tie actions register. Then to ensure that the controls occur, we monitor their progress. Finally, via workplace inspections and audits we will check their level of compliance.

In conclusion, let us assist you to ensure that the CRM process works for your business.

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You have read the above and would like to have a Catastrophic Risk Management review of your business. You understand that it is a complex process but you also know that we can help you through it.

So why not contact us today and discuss how we can help your business. Following our discussion, we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

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