Day to Day Risk Management

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What is Day to Day Risk Management?

Day to day risk management is the review of the risks associated with the work tasks that workers perform each day. We use a number of different tools and forms. They include:-

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS);
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA);
  • Task Hazard Analysis (THA);
  • Take 5;
  • STAR – Stop, Think, Assess & Respond;
  • and a range of others.

All OHS and WHS laws require the identification and control of workplace risk.  We use many of the above tools to assess and control workplace risk.

Safety Resources Australia consultants can assist your business to prepare documents such as SWMS, JSA & JSA. We can also train your workers to use risk assessment tools such as Take 5 and STAR.

Safe Work Method Statements – SWMS

A range of OHS and WHS laws require preparation of Safe Work Methods Statements for certain high risk work tasks. Additionally, some larger businesses require any sub-contractor to complete an SWMS for their proposed work tasks.

Safety Resources Australia can prepare SWMS for businesses from simple to a whole of job work tasks. We will discuss the required contents with you and prepare the SWMS using either your clients form or ours.

Job Safety Analysis – JSA

Are you required as a sub-contractor to complete either a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or a Task Hazard Analysis (THA) for your work tasks?  These documents are very similar to Safe Work Method Statements.

Once again Safety Resources Australia can assist in the preparation of a JSA or THA for your business. We can discuss the required contents and prepare them using any provided form.

Take 5

The Take 5 is one of the simplest risk assessment tools used in the workplace. It asks a series of simple questions and dependent on the answer requires more information.

A range of Take 5 forms exist but have similar intent. Our consultants can assist your business in the following ways with Take 5.

  • Develop a Take 5 template for your business;
  • Train your workers in the correct completion of Take 5;
  • Audit workplace compliance with the correct completion of Take 5 forms.


STAR or similar tools

We use Stop, Think, Assess and Respond (STAR) as just one of many unwritten risk assessment tools in the workplace.  Being unwritten, it should only be additional to other written risk assessment tools.

However, trained in the use of STAR, can take that final 10 to 30 seconds to mentally assess the next step in the job and make sure all controls are in place. . 

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business by training your workforce in the correct use of the STAR technique. In addition, we can conduct workplace audits to assess your workers compliance with the process.

Contact us

Having read the above, do you need help with your Day to Day Risk Management systems? If so then Safety Resources Australia can assist you.

Please contact us. We will discuss your requirements and if necessary visit your workplace.  Following that we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

Once approved, we will assist you with your day to day risk management process.

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