HAZOP Assessment

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HAZOP Assessment

HAZOP assessment studies focus on identifying operational hazards with plant or process systems. Hence, HAZOP stands for Hazard Operability assessment.

The assessments are generally conducted twice during the design cycle of new plant or process systems. The assessment uses a disciplined process to review all operational hazards. On identifying a hazard, the design team needs to demonstrate that they have adequate hazard controls in place.

Can anyone conduct a HAZOP assessment? The answer is no. Rather, an experienced and skilled facilitator needs to conduct them. Furthermore, the facilitator also needs to have a good understanding of the plant or process system.

HAZOP Study 1

HAZOP study 1 usually follows concept design stage. As such, completed items would be major equipment selection and layout.

The study focuses on checking that the major equipment will achieve the required design capacity. Therefore, it is a high level study and does not look at items that still require design.

HAZOP Study 2

HAZOP study 2 usually occurs when the final design is about 80-90% complete. As such, all parts of the process system or plant design should be almost complete.

This study breaks down the process system or plant into smaller sections. By doing so it checks the whole process, instruments and control system. Furthermore, it reviews any issues raised in the 1st study.

HAZOP facilitator

A disciplined process is used to conduct a HAZOP. As such, it is essential that a skilled and experienced facilitator conducts it. Furthermore, the facilitator also needs to have a good understanding of the plant or process system.

Safety Resources Australia has qualified and experienced HAZOP assessment study facilitators. We have conducted HAZOP assessment studies for clients both within Australia and international locations.

Please, always check the skills and experience of a HAZOP facilitator before engaging them.

HAZOP report

The HAZOP assessment produces a table of results. This table details areas that need further design review or confirmation.  

The design team should work through the HAZOP report and provide feedback to the client on each raised issue.  When a solution achieves client satisfaction, it can be closed.

If requested to do so by the client, Safety Resources Australia can conduct a review of the designers feedback on any of the issues detailed in the HAZOP report.

Do you need a HAZOP?

Do you need a HAZOP Assessment conducted on your plant, equipment or process system? If so, then please contact us.  We can discuss your needs and prepare a proposal for the facilitation of the HAZOP assessment .

On your review and approval of our proposal we can facilitate the HAZOP assessment study and prepare the report.

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