OHS Risk Assessment

Risk assessments for plant, equipment, processes or whole site.

OHS Risk Assessment

An accurate OHS risk assessment is essential for any business operation. They will ensure that your business meets its requirements under either OHS or WHS legislation. They can form the basis of your site risk register.

We perform risk assessments on any item of plant or equipment, a process or the complete business operation. Safety Resources Australia has qualified and experienced risk assessment facilitators. 

We facilitate the risk assessments in accordance with Australian Standards and legal requirements.

Qualitative vs Quantitative Risk Assessment

Qualitative risk assessments use the risk assessment team members to determine the potential outcome and possibility of an event to occur. As such, it uses a collective feel, rather than any specific data.

Quantitative risk assessments use numerical data of potential outcomes and possibility to determine a risk score.  Whilst they are more precise in their risk analysis, they are very time consuming and thus expensive.

Generally, Safety Resources Australia will recommend using the qualitative method for your risk assessment needs.

Risk Assessment Team Members

An often asked question is; who should be a risk assessment team member? The answer is; those that are necessary for the process.

As such, for an item of plant or equipment, team members should include designers, operators and maintainers.  If a workplace process, the team should have supervisors, operators and maintainers. For a whole business, the team generally includes managers, supervisors, relevant operators and maintainers.

Furthermore, most OHS or WHS legislation require Health and Safety Representatives to be part of a risk assessment.

The facilitator

Only qualified and experienced facilitators should perform risk assessments. This ensures quality risk assessments.

Safety Resources Australia only uses qualified and experienced facilitators. This ensures the correct level of team member input whilst preventing the risk assessment from getting bogged down.

Additionally, they will guide the team into determining credible risk assessment rankings. This is to avoid the “everything will kill you” syndrome that can occur from poor facilitation.

Risk Assessment report

The risk assessment process will develop a risk assessment results table.  However, this is just a part of the final risk assessment report.

On completing the facilitation, our consultant will return to our office and compile the complete risk assessment report. Hence, it will include a summary of the findings, some observations, a graph of the risk profile and the results table..

We will initially present the report as a draft for review. Consequently, we will issue the final report following any corrective feedback.

Contact us

Whilst considering the above, does your business need an OHS Risk Assessment? If so, we are here to help. Please contact us now and we will discuss your needs.

We can come and visit your workplace and make an assessment of your needs. Following that we will prepare a scope of work including the boundaries of the risk assessment and costs.

On your approval of the above, we can facilitate your risk assessment.

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