OHS Risk Register for Industry and Mining

A tool to help businesses reduce their risk profile.

OHS Risk Register

An OHS Risk Register is a powerful tool for any business to use to monitor their risk profile. By doing so, the business can work on reducing the risk of higher risk ranked work tasks. This will bring down the business risk profile and reduce workplace injuries.

The risk register is generally established via a whole of business risk assessment. However, for larger businesses, they may wish to concentrate on specific areas of their business first. This saves initial cost and can direct resources to areas that need it the most.

Safety Resources Australia has experienced consultants that can develop your business risk register. Following that we can work with you on practical solutions to higher risk tasks.

Initial Risk Assessment

An initial risk assessment develops the risk register. It can be whole of business or just specific sections. 

The risk assessment will identify higher risk tasks. For each of them, we will work with your team to develop individual “Bow Ties.”  These Bow Ties detail the inputs to the risk, their current controls and the proposed new controls. These new controls can vary from physical workplace alterations, procedural changes, training or better PPE.

Bow Ties

Following agreement on the Bow Ties, it is essential to plan the work required for the identified controls. Safety Resources Australia can assist with the plan including resources, timing and the responsible person.  We can also provide the resources to undertake some of the new controls.

On a regular basis, we would review the progress of the Bow Tie actions. In addition, we would look at what reduction the new controls have made to the task risk profile. This change of risk would then be reflected in the risk register.

Control priorities

The major issue about developing a risk register is the identification of lots of new controls. However, it is important not to get bogged down by the number but rather to prioritise them.

Once again, the best priority method is the risk score. The higher the risk score, the higher the priority. We can assist in determining the required priority for each control.

New knowledge, new risk score

Even with the best of intentions, no risk assessment is perfect. As such, it is possible to lower risk rank an issue and thus not give it the priority that it deserves.

If later knowledge results in the necessity for a higher risk score for a work tasks then that is fine. The risk register would be updated and improvement priorities altered. 

This just demonstrates the dynamic nature and importance of the risk register tool.

We are here to help

Do you believe that your business needs a Risk Register? If so, we are here to help.  Why not contact us today and discuss your needs.

We can come and visit your site and make an assessment of your needs. Following that, we would prepare a scope of work and cost estimates.

On your approval of the scope of work and costs, we would prepare your risk register.

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