Baseline OHS Assessment 4 Small Businesses

An assessment to help you understand and control your workplace hazards

Baseline OHS Assessment

Would you like to know if your business is compliant with relevant OHS laws? If so, Safety Resources Australia can conduct a baseline OHS assessment on your business.

We understand that every small business needs to focus on its core activities. However, every employer also has a Duty of Care to their workers to prevent workplace injuries or accidents.

First of all, our consultant will review your business. During that they will provide practical guidance to workplace situations that could lead to and injury or accident. Finally, we will provide you with a report that confirms what our consultant has talked about during the assessment.

So why not let us help you to achieve a safe and productive workplace.

How do we conduct the Baseline OHS Assessment?

The baseline OHS assessment uses the WorkSafe WA small business assessment checklist. This checklist is divided into sections that ask a series of questions.

Our OHS consultant will visit your workplace and walk around with you. They will take notes and discuss areas of compliance and non-compliance with you. Furthermore, they will provide practical solutions to any issue.

We finalise the assessment by reinforcing any areas of urgent need. We also confirm when we will have the final report to you.

Baseline OHS Assessment Findings Confidentiality

The findings and report of the baseline OHS assessment are confidential between Safety Resources Australia and your business.

We will provide a written report within an agreed timetable following the completion of the assessment. This report is not provided to any other party unless you request us to do so.

Additionally we WILL NOT report any areas of non-compliance to WorkSafe WA or any other statutory body. Our goal is to help your business not to hinder it.

How Long Does the Assessment Take?

The workplace baseline OHS assessment takes between 2.5 and 3 hours to complete.

At the conclusion, we will provide you with a verbal summary of our findings. We will also highlight any areas where we believe immediate or short term corrective actions are needed.

Written Report

Within an agreed timetable, usually no greater than two business days, we will provide you with a written report of the findings of the baseline OHS assessment.

The report will use the standard WorkSafe WA small business assessment checklist format. As such, it will include a range of information about additional free resources that are available from WorkSafe WA.

Baseline OHS Assessment Cost

We allow 5 hours to complete both the physical workplace Baseline OHS Assessment and to write the report.

If your business is located outside the Perth metropolitan area, then there will be additional travel time and other costs added to the overall cost.

Please contact us today for a proposal for your review and approval.