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CM3 Help

We can provide CM3 help to your business in order for you to achieve CM3 certification. We understand that you just want to concentrate on running your business. As such, answering all the questions on the CM3 certification website is not what you want to do.

Furthermore, if your business does not have the documentation that they are asking for then it is even more difficult to achieve CM3 certification. No problems, we can provide the CM3 help that you need by assisting with the required documentation.

We will help you achieve your CM3 certification. By doing so you will be able to expand the companies and locations that you can do work for. We guarantee that if you provide all the things that we ask for then you will gain CM3 certification.

Don’t have the Requested Documentation

If you don’t have the documentation that CM3 asks you to upload, don’t panic. Safety Resources Australia can assist with the preparation of a baseline Safety Management Plan for your business. This will then be your safety management system that will enable you to gain CM3 certification.

We tailor your Safety Management Plan to suit your business. By doing so, we ensure that it is effective and practical for your business to use.

Already have the Requested Documentation

Your business already has a Safety Management Plan or system. That is good news. You think it may address the questions that the CM3 system asks. However, you are not sure what to upload and where and how to answer the questions that CM3 asks.  

Well don’t worry. Safety Resources Australia can review your existing Safety Management Plan or system and make any required changes to it. We can then complete the upload to the CM3 website and answer the supporting questions.

We work with you

Whilst we undertake the majority of the work tasks, we will need some assistance from you. This will include providing: –

  • Existing JSA’s or SWMS;
  • Worker Training Certificates or Trade Licences;
  • Your existing Safety Management Plan, if you have one;
  • Electrical test and tag records if applicable;
  • Hazardous Substance register.

If you don’t have the above then we will work with you to get them or prepare them.

Annual CM3 Renewal

We can also assist your business to complete your annual CM3 re-certification.  To undertake this we need a range of completed forms that are a part of your Safety Management System.

We will work with you as to what we require to ensure that you achieve CM3 re-certification.

How much does it cost?

Every business is different in size and work activity. Also some may have an existing Safety Management System whilst others will not.

As such, we need to make an assessment of your current situation as well as what CM3 are requesting before we can provide a cost estimate for your CM3 help. To do so, it is best for us to meet with you so we can review your current situation.

So please contact us today to arrange for us to visit you.

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