General OHS Help 4 Small Businesses

We are here to help you with your workplace occupational health & safety issues

General OHS Help

General OHS help will assist any small business that has an OHS or WHS issue. We can assist with independent safety consultancy that provides correct, clear and practical solutions to your business.

Our experienced consultant can come to your workplace, discuss your issues with you, in the real world, and provide practical solutions to resolve them.

What do we look for?

First of all we will look at your OHS or WHS issue and:-

  • Determine if your business is in breach of any OHS or WHS legislation;
  • Work with you with reference to relevant Code’s of Practice or Australian Standards and how to become compliant with them;
  • Finally, if it is in breach, discuss with you how it is occurring and recommend one or a range of potential solutions to rectify the OHS or WHS issue. 

What we will provide.

As part of the OHS or WHS consultancy we will:-

  • Provide practical verbal OHS or WHS advice there and then at the workplace;
  • If required, provide a written report of our findings and include the recommendations that we discussed with you;
  • Keep it confidential between yourself and Safety Resources Australia.


Additional Services

As part of the OHS or WHS consultancy we may recommend the preparation of Safe Work Procedures (SWP), Safe Work Instruction (SWI) or Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). Furthermore, we may also recommend other types of OHS or WHS documents that we consider are necessary for your business.

If required, Safety Resources Australia can assist in preparing these documents and managing their updates. 

Risk Assessment

We may also recommend facilitating a risk assessment either of the whole workplace, a sub area, work task and/or equipment.  Our qualified and experienced facilitators will conduct the risk assessment and prepare a report. This report will contain a risk assessment table, risk profile graph and recommended actions.

Please refer to our Risk Assessment page for further details.

OHS Help Cost

No two OHS or WHS help consultancy tasks are the same, As such, it is not possible to provide a one price fits all situation.  

Please contact us so we can discuss your General OHS or WHS Consultancy Help and from that prepare a proposal for you.

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