OHS Compliance Auditing for Small Businesses

Auditing your level of OHS compliance.

OHS Compliance Auditing

First of all, congratulations on winning that new contract work. Oh but hang on, we need to have OHS compliance audit conducted on our business. It is one of the conditions of the contract.

Is the above scenario real for your business? Maybe it is even a tender condition. If so then we can assist. We have qualified and experienced Lead Auditors that can conduct the required audit on your business. In addition, the audit report will include the audit findings and score as well as any suggested improvements.

Most importantly, the report will always be confidential between Safety Resources Australia, your business and your client.

OHS Compliance Auditing Tools

Our industries use a range of OHS auditing tools for OHS compliance auditing. Both government agencies and large companies have developed some of them over time.

Therefore, prior to Safety Resources Australia conducting your OHS compliance audit, we will discuss with you what your client requires. As a result of that we will select the best OHS compliance auditing tool. It may even be one supplied by your client.

Independent and Unbiased

Most noteworthy, Safety Resources Australia has no affiliations with any large companies that maybe your client. As such, we will undertake your OHS compliance audit in an independent and unbiased manner. We will not judge you on any areas of non-compliance.

Rather, as part of the audit report we will make corrective action suggestions. Hence, if implemented it will enable you to become either initially or more compliant with that OHS audit requirement. 

Experienced & Qualified Auditor

Our OHS compliance auditors hold “Lead Auditor” qualifications. Additionally, they have the experience and knowledge of the work tasks that your business undertakes.

Consequently, this will enable them to undertake a fair and complete OHS compliance audit of your business.

OHS Compliance Audit Report

At the conclusion of your OHS compliance audit, we will provide you with a written report of our findings. Included will be the audit score, areas of non-compliance and suggested actions.

We will provide the report to your business as well as any other party that you request us to supply it to. However. we will not provide it to any other party without you permission.

OHS Compliance Auditing Costs

Each OHS compliance audit requires different inputs, assessment and report writing times. Based on that, we are not able to provide a set OHS Compliance Audit cost.

However, we can discuss with you your audit requirements. Following those discussions we will provide you with an OHS compliance audit proposal for your review and approval.

Please contact us in order to obtain an OHS compliance audit proposal.

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