OHS Improvement Plan for Small Business

Improving your OHS performamce one step at a time.

OHS Improvement Plan

Please let us design your OHS improvement plan to improve your OHS performance one step at a time. We recognise that your business is there to perform a certain function or produce a certain product. Therefore, whilst OHS or WHS is important to you and your employees, it is not you area of expertise. This is where Safety Resources Australia can help.

Initially we will have a look at your workplace and have a discussion about where you current OHS or WHS performance is at. Also where you would like to be and over what time period.

As a result of the above we would develop an OHS Improvement Plan that would include items such as:-

  • An OHS compliance audit;
  • An OHS training needs analysis and training plan;
  • Development of a Safety Management Plan tailored to suit your business;
  • Development of any registers that you currently do not have. i.e. Risk and Hazardous Substance Registers etc.;
  • Writing of any Safe Work Method Statements or Safe Work Instructions / Procedures required for your operations;
  • Supply of safety signs, equipment and PPE required in the workplace;
  • Other items that we consider necessary.

We would discuss these with you and the proposed timetable to implement them. By doing so you can spread the cost over a period of time. Additionally the changes to your businesses practices would be gradual and therefore easier to implement.

We do not have a Safety Management System

So you do not have a safety management system at the moment. No problem, this is where Safety Resources Australia can assist you.

We will work with you at your pace to improve your businesses OHS performance one step at a time. It is a shared journey as we understand that you have an existing business that you still need to operate. Therefore, we will make workplace changes at a rate that the workforce will accept with ease.

Its better to start now and do it gradually rather than being forced to do it in a hurry by some external party.

Already have the basics in place

If you have the start of a safety management system then that is good.  Our consultants will visit your workplace and review it.

As a result of that review, we will recommend any changes to areas of the plan, register or forms. By doing so you will have an up to date safety management system.

Your input

The initial meeting will take about an hour and we would also need about another 1/2 hour at another appointment to present the OHS Improvement plan.

Once agreed to we will work with you as we go. This would include obtaining necessary information or to deliver required training or to discuss work procedures etc. with relevant employees.

Our input

As you would expect we will undertake the majority of the work as that is our area of expertise.

We will take all the relevant pictures for procedures. We will determine the hazardous substances that you use and prepare the register etc.  

All you need to do is continue with your normal business activities.

What does it cost?

Every business is different. Therefore, there will be different levels of input required for each different business. As such, we cannot provide a one price fits all deal for your OHS Improvement Plan.

However, following our initial assessment we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

Please contact us to set up the initial assessment meeting.

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