Safety Management Plan

A OHS management plan to assist your business achieve good safety outcomes

Safety Management Plan

A Safety Management Plan (SMP) will assist your business meet its legal requirements under various state OHS or WHS laws. Additionally, larger contracting companies generally insist that smaller business have a safety management plan. Our plans will meet all of these requirements.

Safety Resources Australia has prepared Safety Management Plans for a broad range of business and industry types. Of great importance to your business is that we write them to suit your business. Purchasing online generic plans is false economy. This is because they will include things that your business does not have to do, but because they are in your plan, you will then have to do them. Furthermore, some of these plans do not suit some Australian states OSH legislation, thus making them invalid.

Safety Management Plan Tiers

Our aim is to always produce a SMP that suits your size business and the work tasks that your business performs.  With that in mind we have 4 tier levels of SMP’s.  They are:

  • Tier 1 – Very simple SMP mainly suited to domestic construction where 5 to 10 persons maybe on the worksite at any one time.
  • Tier 2 – Baseline SMP mainly suited to small business that need a plan for
  • Tier 3 – A SMP that complies with the requirements of WorkSafe Plan audit. These plans need initial development as well as continuing workplace proof of use for certification.
  • Tier 4 – A SMP that complies with AS4801 Occupational Safety and Health Management System.  Mainly designed for large business as they require workplace resources to implement and commitment to continuous improvement.

Keeping your SMP Simple

As stated previously, Safety Resources Australia will tailor your SMP to suit your business. This is essential for small business who just need to do what they need to do, rather than doing unnecessary requirements.

Our Tier 1 and 2 Safety Management Plan’s are primarily designed for small businesses.  They will assist you to meet either your legal and/or client imposed obligations.

Our plans contain both the relevant OHS processes and the forms needed to get the job done. They include things like SWMS, vehicle pre-starts, workplace inspections, toolbox meeting minutes and hazard report cards to name a few.

They are easy to use and can be hand written or typed up on a computer.  Also easy to file in a manual filing system in order to comply with recording requirements.

Just keep it simple, do it manually rather than expensive on-line non tailored systems.

Tier 3 & 4 SMP

As detailed earlier, we can develop and help businesses implement either tier 3 or 4 safety management plans.

They are significantly more complex and as such more suited to larger size businesses undertaking major contract projects.

Not only do their require development but they also need to be operational for a number of years before being able to gain certification.

Still thinking generic SMP! Why?

Generic Safety Management Plans do not come with a guarantee that they will meet your client requirements. Safety Resources Australia’s plans do. This is because we tailor it to suit your business and client

Furthermore, Western Australia has not changed its legislation to the national WHS based system. Hence, the majority of generic SMP will not be in line with Western Australian OS&H laws. This could lead to a prosecution for your business.

Contact us

After reading the above, you now know that you need a Safety Management Plan for your business or project. If this is so, then please let Safety Resources Australia assist you.

Please contact us and lets have a chat. To determine what requires tailoring, we may need to come and visit your business.

Once we have all the information, we can prepare a proposal for your consideration and approval.

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