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SWMS | JSA | SWP | SOP |OHS Documents

Preparing SWMS | JSA | SWP | SOP | OHS documents can be a challenge for small business owners who need to concentrate on their core business activities.

Additionally the preparation of SWMS for certain “High Risk” work activities is a legal requirement under a range of states OHS or WHS legislation.  Non compliance with the preparation of an SWMS can lead to an order to stop work as well as a financial penalty.  Furthermore, the preparation of a Safe Work Procedure (SWP) or Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) can assist your business to produce a consistent quality product in a safe manner.

Other OHS documentation may include registers, training matrix’s or Safety (OHS) Management Plans.

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business with the preparation of any of your required documentation in order to enable you to concentrate on your core business activity.


Under a range of OHS and WHS laws, certain High Risk work tasks, require a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

Whilst you can purchase generic SWMS online, they are generally only suitable for a single task, rather than the whole job.  As such, you end up needing 5 or 6 SWMS to do one job.

A better way is to have Safety Resources Australia prepare an SWMS for the whole job. e.g. remove an old and install a new partition wall in a building. By doing so you avoid having one for demolition, another for rubbish removal, one for electric tool use, one for wall installation and finally one for painting.

Let us help you with a overall job related SWMS.


As detailed previously, certain OHS and WHS laws require an SWMS for High Risk work tasks. Furthermore, some companies require sub-contractors to prepare an SWMS for work that they are going to do for them.

Meanwhile, other companies require a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) that are sometimes given hybrid names such as JSEA, THA, etc.

Whatever is your requirement, Safety Resources Australia can assist you prepare or update them.

Converting JSA to SWMS

Do you have an existing JSA, that your customer wants it converted to an SWMS? If this is so, let Safety Resources Australia assist you. By doing so you can concentrate on your core business.

We have extensive experience in rewriting and updating existing JSA into SWMS.


Safety Resources Australia can assist your business with the preparation of either an SWP, SWI or SOP. An SWP is a Safe Work Procedures (SWP). An SWI is a Safe Work Instructions. An SOP is a Safe Operating Procedure. They are essentially the same thing just different names.

Their main purpose is to standardise a production or maintenance work task. By doing so you can improve efficiency and quality and prevent safety incidents.

We have extensive experience in preparing either one or a series of SWP, SWI or SOP for businesses large and small.

OHS or WHS Documents

Safety Resources Australia can assist your business with any type of SWMS | JSA | SWP | OHS or WHS Documentation.

We can prepare OHS documents such as Take 5, Toolbox Minutes, Vehicle Inspections etc., all tailored to suit your business.

Please contact us today. We can discuss any OHS or WHS documentation requirements you may have.

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