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Let us help you resolve your WorkSafe Improvement or Prohibition notice

WorkSafe Improvement or Prohibition Notice

Oh no! Your business has just been issued with a WorkSafe Improvement or Prohibition notice. First of all, do not panic, Safety Resources Australia can help resolve the issue.

Our consultant will visit your workplace and make an assessment of the notice requirements. Following that we will provide you with real practical solutions to resolve the OHS or WHS issue.  The solutions may range from writing a procedure, developing a register, delivery of some training or safety signs etc.  Hence, we can provide the service or equipment required to fix the issue.

Don’t Panic but Don’t Delay!

Your business has a set time to comply with an issued Improvement or Prohibition Notice.  As a result, there is no need to panic and make costly and/or ineffective changes.

However, it is important that you do not delay addressing the notice. WorkSafe takes a poor view of non-compliance to their notices.

It is possible to get an extension on the time limit of an Improvement Notice.  However, to do so you need to demonstrate some progress and a plan to complete the required improvement.

Started but now stuck?

Have you started on what you think are the required actions? However, rather than thinking that they will fix the issue, you are now not sure that they will. Furthermore, working on the fix is distracting you from your normal business activities.

If this is so, let us come and assess the issued notice and your current actions. We will either confirm that all is good or make some suggested changes. Additionally, we can assist you to complete the actions. By doing so you can get on with your normal business rather than getting frustrated with the whole process.


Alternative Solutions

All WorkSafe notices detail an alleged breach of a section of the Occupational Safety and Health Act or a specific regulation.  

This may enable a business to resolve the issue with alternative actions rather than a specific one.

As such, Safety Resources Australia can assess the alleged breach and potentially provide you with a range of actions to address it.

Don’t believe the issue is real

It is possible that a WorkSafe Inspector may have gathered some incorrect information. As a result, they may not have made an informed decision about the alleged breach.

If you consider that the Improvement or Prohibition Notice should not have been issued, you can appeal it.

Why not contact us and let us make an independent assessment of the issue and see if there are grounds for an appeal.

Contact Us

Why not contact us today and let us help you with your WorkSafe Improvement or Prohibition Notice help.

We will provide an unbiased opinion of the issued notice. Furthermore, we can help you with the hard work of arriving at acceptable solutions to the issued notice.

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