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OHS Auditing

OHS auditing assists businesses to assess their level of compliance to their OHS management system and/or legal requirements. Some use OHS or WHS management systems such as WorkSafe Plan or AS 4801, whilst others have in house systems.

Specialised audits, such as machinery and equipment safe guarding or safety signs also exist.  These are a more physical rather than systems audits. None the less they are very important.

It is important that skilled and experienced auditors conduct your audit. Safety Resources Australia has them available to conduct your audit.

OHS Legal Compliance Audit

Your business is going well but you are not sure if you are complying with your relevant OHS laws.  If this is so, then we can conduct a legal compliance audit on your business.

Due to its nature, it is only looking to see if you are compliant with OHS laws. As such, it does not check if you meet other higher level of OHS management systems. However, if you only want to know if you comply with your relevant OHS law, then this is the level of audit that your need.

Client Required OHS Audit

You have won a new tender for some work with a larger company. Part of the tender requirement is that you have to have an independent audit conducted on the OHS management system that you submitted with your tender. If this is the case for your business then Safety Resources Australia can assist.

We can conduct any client required audit. It can be on your whole OHS management system or just a specialised section. At the conclusion of the audit we will provide you with an audit report and score.

Safety (WHS) Sign Audit

We use safety signs in the workplace to relay important safety and other messages to workers and visitors.  As such, it is important that they are the correct type and size, they are located in the right spot and are made of the right material.

Safety Resources Australia can perform a OHS or WHS safety sign audit of your workplace to assess the above criteria.  At the conclusion of the audit we will provide you with a report including suggested changes.

Machinery & Equipment Safe Guarding Audit

Safe guarding on machinery and equipment is there to prevent injury or death to workers using them. As such, it is important that it is correct and in good condition.

We can come to your workplace and conduct a machinery and equipment safe guarding audit. Our auditors will look at each machine and assess if the guarding meets the required standards.

At the conclusion of the audit we will prepare a report that will detail non-compliances and what is required to fix them. 

WorkSafe Plan Audit

Would you like your OHS management system to be awarded a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement? If yes, then click on the Learn More button below.

Our auditors can come to your workplace and conduct a WorkSafe Plan audit on your OHS management system. If the audit score is high enough and you have a low injury frequency rate, then you can be awarded one of three levels of WorkSafe Plan achievement.

ASNZS 4801 Audit

Safety Resources Australia can conduct an ASNZS 4801 OHS Management system audit on your business. We have competent Lead Auditors who can perform the audit and prepare an audit report.

Furthermore, if your business achieves a high enough audit score we will issue you with an ASNZS 4801 compliance certificate.

Have we missed something?

If you need something different to what is listed above, please contact us and we will always try to assist.

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