Client Required WHS Audit

Auditing your WHS Management System to your clients requirements

Client Required WHS Audit

A client required WHS audit is often a condition of a tender or contract. They can range from a complete WHS management system audit to a specific business function such as Lifting Operations or Traffic Management etc.

Safety Resources Australia can perform these audits on your business and provide an audit report of the findings.  These audits are conducted using either industry standard or client specific audit tools.  Any audit report will remain confidential between yourself and your client company.

Client Audit Requirements

We can assist any business that has to comply with a client based audit. First of all, we can assist you set-up your WHS management system. Following that we can help you embed it into your business. Then finally, we can conduct an audit and provide you with an audit report and score.

Client imposed requirements vary from complete WHS management systems to specific work tasks that your business may perform. Whatever is required, we can assist your business to achieve your client’s requirements.

Not sure if you are Compliant

Your business is well established with an existing WHS management system.  Suddenly, a client asks a range of questions about it but you are not sure if you are compliant.

If your business is in the above scenario, then Safety Resources Australia can assist you. First of all we will come to your workplace and audit your WHS management system. This will be based on your client requirements. Following that we will provide you with an audit score and report that will also detail any areas on non-compliance.

Finally, if you would like us to, we can assist making the required changes in your workplace and practices in order to achieve compliance.

Just an Audit

Your WHS management system is well in place. However, due to a client request, it needs to be audited. If this is so, we can help.

We will conduct the audit of your WHS management system. It will also include a workplace review. At the conclusion of the audit we will provide an audit score and report.  Furthermore, we will provide detail of any areas of non-compliance.

Not sure what you require

It is the first time that a client has asked for an audit of your WHS management system. You are not sure if your system is compliant and you don’t want to lose this client. Please, don’t panic, we are here to help. 

We can review what your client needs from you and assist you to provide it. It may range from details of what you already have in place to a complete system audit. 

As a result of our involvement we will help you meet your client requirements and assist you to keep them as a client.

Contact us

If you have read the above and know that you need help, please contact us today. Let us have a chat about your Client Required WHS Audit needs. Please remember that we are here to help you.

Following our chat we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

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