Machinery & Equipment Safe Guarding Audit

Ensuring that your machinery and equipment is adequately safe guarded

Machinery & Equipment Safe Guarding Audit

A machinery & equipment safe guarding audit at your workplace will determine your level of safe guarding compliance. Non-compliant safe guarding can lead to serious injuries or death in the workplace.

Some imported, very old or in-house made machinery and equipment has insufficient guarding. Hence, it is essential that business owners have a guarding audit completed at their workplace.

Safety Resources Australia has skilled consultants to conduct your guarding audit at your workplace. At the conclusion of the audit we will prepare a report of our findings. Where necessary, it will include improvement suggestions.

Safe Guarding Requirements

WorkSafe Australia has produced a Code of Practice for safeguarding of machinery and plant. Therefore, all guarding in Australia must comply with this Code of Practice.

When our consultants conduct your guarding audit we do so in accordance with the Code of Practice. Furthermore, the code provides practical solutions on how to correctly guard machinery and equipment. Hence, whenever we make any improvement suggestions we always refer to the code.

What do we look for?

First of all we like to view the machine or equipment in operation. By doing so, we assess your level of guarding compliance.

Following the operational inspection, we also like to view it stopped in order to measure guarding clearances etc. Furthermore, where necessary, we also look at the total system guarding where a number of machines make up a process line.

Methods of Safe Guarding

A range of methods to achieve adequate safe guarding are detailed in the Code of Practice. However, the selected method will determine how close or complex the guarding will be. Complex guards require either tool to remove them or machinery interlocks.

Our consultant will discuss with you your guarding options and make suggestions based on your operational needs and cost. However, we will never compromise your compliance with the Code of Practice.

Audit Duration and Cost

A range of factors affect the duration and thus cost of a guarding audit. These include the number, size and age of the machines to be audited.

However, we can have a chat and provide an estimated duration and cost. Alternatively, we can make an initial site visit and determine the required audit duration. With that information we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

Contact us

After having reviewed the above, you believe that you need a Machinery or Equipment Safe Guarding Audit. If this is so, please contact us and let’s have a chat.

Following the discussion we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

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