WHS Legal Compliance Audit

Auditing businesses to see if they are meeting minimum OHS legal compliance

WHS Legal Compliance Audit

Not every business needs a formal WHS management system.  However, every business has a Duty to provide and maintain a safe place of work, safe systems of work, adequate training and information and supply of all required personal protective equipment.  This is where an WHS legal compliance audit can benefit your business.

The audit will look at both your WHS systems as well as your physical workplace. Our consultants will advise you if your business is meeting the minimum requirements of your relevant WHS law.

Audit Tools

We use audit tools that suit the nature of your business. Some of these are produced by the government departments responsible for our WHS laws.

These audit tools look at what is required by the law rather than requiring higher level WHS obligations. This is important as some businesses only require minimum compliance rather than a complex WHS management system.

Audit Report

Following the completion of your physical audit we will produce an audit report. It will detail compliant, partially compliant and non-compliant areas of your WHS management system.

Furthermore, we will provide suggested actions to address areas in need.

Your required actions timetable

The audit report is confidential to your business. As such, we will not report any areas of non-compliance to any government department.

As a result, you are able to determine your own required actions timetable. We can assist by advising you which actions to do first, based on their risk rating, rather than just the ones that are easier to do.

Required actions assistance

Your core business activities are very important to your business survival. As such, if you do not have the resources to complete your audit actions, then we can assist.

We will work with you to develop an action plan and timetable that suits your business needs. As a result, the actions will get done whilst you concentrate on your core business tasks.

Contact us

If you concerned that your business may not be WHS law compliant then please contact us. We will discuss your needs and develop an audit proposal tailored to your business.

On approval we will arrange to conduct your business WHS Legal Compliance Audit.