WorkSafe Plan Audit

Auditing businesses in Western Australia who wish to gain WorkSafe Plan Certification

WorkSafe Plan Audit

Would you like your OHS management system to receive a WorkSafe Plan Certificate of Achievement? If yes then Safety Resources Australia can help you by conducting a WorkSafe Plan audit. See below for details.

First of all, you need a good quality mature OHS management system. If this is so, then we can audit your system against the audit elements of the WorkSafe Plan.

If as a result of the audit you achieve a high enough audit score then you may be able to apply for a Certificate of Achievement. However, there are two other criteria that must be met. They are system maturity and a low enough injury frequency rate.

If it sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry, we can step you through the process.

Audit without Certification

You have an OHS management system in place. That is great, but you want to know how compliant it is to the WorkSafe Plan. No problem, we can conduct the audit and provide you with an audit report and score.

The audit report will detail any areas that need improving. If you have some, then you can make the required changes and undergo a new audit.

Not yet at Certification Score Level

You have just completed your audit but you did not achieve a certification score level. Whilst this is disappointing, it needs to be viewed as an improvement opportunity.

Safety Resources Australia can assist you make the necessary changes to your OHS management system. We will work with you to achieve the most practical solution to your OHS issues whilst minimising the impact on your business.

Re certification Audit

Is your business due for a WorkSafe Plan re certification audit? If so, then Safety Resources Australia can conduct it for you.  We will review your previous audit finding and audit your current OHS management system and work practices.

If all is good, including an acceptable injury frequency rates, then we will recommend recertification. Furthermore, if appropriate it may be at the next certification level.

Audit Cost

Due to a number of factors, the duration and thus cost of a WorkSafe Plan audit will vary from one business to another. The factors include the size of the business, its location and how initially compliant it is. 

However, we can discuss the above parameters with you and prepare an audit proposal specific to your business.

Contact us

So after reading the above, if you would like us to be your WorkSafe Plan Auditor, please contact us.  We can have a discussion regarding your audit requirements. Following those discussions we will prepare a proposal for your review and approval.

Once approved, we can organise a time to conduct the audit and prepare the report.

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